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It turned out to be an even more beautiful day than expected and by the looks of the traffic on our highways, it was bringing all more people out.  I’m sure some of it was due to many out shopping for Christmas–especially on the west side of our City.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I made sure to get my open house signs placed out at the curbs of those busier streets near 321 S. Carolina.  It’s always all the more annoying this time of year when placing them at the curbsides because of the mud and dirty snow I have to wade thru.  Come Spring, it’s going to be a muddy mess along that stretch which the DOT just had paved on 5th St. SE.  I’m sure they’d planned on having more done this year, but all our rainy weather was certainly holding them back.  Get prepared for more detours this Spring when they start working on 6th St. SE.  I’m sure it’ll be a repeat of this year’s traffic chaos.

My public open house today was very much attended where I wasn’t there alone nearly from the time I arrived.  Unfortunately, a Realtor that showed it yesterday locked a door that wasn’t to be locked which prompted yours truly to go racing back to the office to find a key.  Thank goodness I had one, but I’ll never know if there was someone there those first ten minutes after the beginning hour.  Oh well, at least I did find the key and managed to get the home opened for those that followed.

There were several people who were showing a great deal of interest, and I encouraged both of them to be good to themselves and buy it as a Christmas gift to each other.  Thank goodness they could look past the decorating and see the exceptionally good “bones” it has.  I’ve been telling everyone that it’s the best built mid-century ranch I’ve seen in many years.  The real up-side, is the fact that it’s never had any water in the basement.  That home will be standing long after all the newer ones have out-lived their planned obsolescence.

When visiting with a customer this morning, we somehow got on the subject of entities.  He asked me if I’ve ever used a Ouija Board.  I thought a moment and said, “I know I played with it once when young, but never again because it gave me a creepy dark feeling which left me unsettled.”  His experience with it wasn’t so sinister, so I guess to each his own.

He’d asked if I’d ever visited a certain place out East where there were multiple murders, and I told him no, but I did mention that when much younger, I did visit several sites in Europe which were beyond creepy.  One happened to be Orava Castle where the first Nosferatu or “Dracula” movie was filmed, and the other site being where Elizabeth Bathory created the Guinness world record for the most females murdered.  Now those ruins really gave me the creeps.

You all may think me crazy when sharing my belief that there are sites where brutal murders have taken place which contain trace energies of those who were killed.  One can almost consider those places to be poisoned with grief, anger, sadness, and despair. I’m certainly not one who’d try to cleanse or rid those sites, because one never knows what kind of pandora’s box you’d be opening.  There still stands a blue house not far from here which I also believe to be one of those places that has the ability to slowly suck you into a psychological/spiritual black hole.

Since I didn’t have any pressing appointments after my open house, I had a wild thought to travel to a distant church I’d not attended in some time, so off I flew.  Of course I did manage to get caught by every red light as I was headed out of town, but as chance would have it, I managed to make it there just as the minister was walking up the aisle.

Unbeknownst to me, there was a group Confirmation taking place which included a bishop.  Of course there was much more music and a very well delivered sermon supplied by their visiting bishop. The most memorable of his delivery, was talking about a survey which lasted for years that was conducted by Harvard University and started back in the 1930’s.  The survey was all about what made people their happiest.  The results of that survey seemed to surprise everyone when it was announced that those participating graduates were the happiest when learning to be more selfless than selfish.  I hope everyone in that church took his words to heart because there are a great many of selfish people living in North Iowa.

I would have to say my unexpected encounter of a Confirmation celebration along with hearing a very well delivered sermon, was the highlight of my day.  I’m going to really work all the more at becoming more selfless as time goes on, while joyfully experiencing its by-product being happiness.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The story of the human race is a daily journal of men and women selling themselves short.

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    Wow, another post with creepy content, I love it. I have an Ouija board if ever the need arises. Leave it all to me, buddy.