Made the First Cut

It was a bit of crazy snowfall we had this afternoon.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything as such.  It was almost like the tiniest of heavy snowflakes but definitely dense to where it looked like a heavy fog which I considered creepy cool happening.  Of course I had to be out in it on my way to and from a home showing and being all the more careful with my driving.

I finally managed to get my bill paying done this morning between my morning appointments as well as a few drop-ins.  One of the un-announced arrivals were two people from a bank I do business with, who must’ve decided to give me a Christmas present this year since I hadn’t received anything from them these past two years after a previous manager left.

When they left, I opened the box and to my surprise, there lay a single raised donut with chocolate frosting on it with colored sprinkles on top.  I thought, “Hmmm. Why did they bother to bring me one donut which I could’ve purchased out of the case at Casey’s?” There was also a Christmas thank you card with it.  Since I had an appointment at another office later this morning, I took the box containing that lone donut and re-gifted it to one of my favorite secretaries.  She got a laugh when I said, “I didn’t put that dent in your donut because it was like that when I opened the box because I know how people are when they think someone’s been playing with food before it’s offered to another.”

I’m still not getting my brain wrapped around being gifted a donut.  I guess I’ve become all the more of a social dinosaur when it comes to what I’d consider worthy as a gift for someone because as far as I’m concerned, I would think it all the better to not give anything rather than a donut with a dent in a box.  I hope to Heaven there’ll not be one person asking what I received for Christmas at the office, because there’ll be some raised eyebrows when told I was handed a box containing one chocolate-covered donut with colored sprinkles on the top that had a dent in it.  Oh well, I’m going to take it as a meant-well gift and leave it at that.  But don’t you worry, because I’m likely going to be a little wicked some time in the future with one of those bankers when announcing at the appropriate time, “It looks like management has grown cheap since I used to get more substantive edibles in a box containing the likes of summer sausage, cheese, crackers and dinner chocolates.”  I’ll be placing bets on what the answer will be.

The long-extended loan file I’d been working on for the last four months actually had a “soft landing” closing today.  I’ve grown to know the sellers enough to where I’m confident we’ll continue to remain in touch long into the future.  I mentioned to one of my colleagues how absolute good people they are, and his clever kick-back being, “Well at least there are a select few whom risen to the rank you consider worthy.”  Of course my come-back was, “Why should you worry about those I consider top drawer because you’ve already made the first cut on my varsity team.”

One of my late afternoon calls was to a client of mine who is also a dear one.  She and her husband moved out of State after retiring and now loving every day of it.  Most retirees move South, but they decided to move up North in a more forested area.  Every time we have our soulful chats, my spirits are lifted to where I’m nearly convinced she being one of my kindred spirits.  After writing about empathetic people last evening, I wasn’t surprised to find myself on the phone with her this afternoon.  I’m sure she’s very much missed by her previous employers.

It sounds like the cold and flu viruses have kicked in for the season when hearing from people who’ve come down with one or the other.  Of course as we all know, being around children who’ve been freely passing around their colds and the flu at their schools, innocently take it home and share with their parents who then pass it on to our general public which then gets its vicious circle started all over again.  Let’s hope all the more people become pro-active about keeping themselves from being pulled into a circle of sickness.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When I look at the world I’m pessimistic, but when I look at people, I’m optimistic.

Joe Chodur

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