A Lonely Road

Another beautiful winter day in North Iowa came and went which we can notch off as another one biting the dust before Spring arrives.  I was exceptionally glad it wasn’t snowing since I had to make another trip up to Worth County this afternoon, and finding it was nearly dark as I was driving back, I remained all the more alert to the deer traffic.  Thank goodness I was closely watching what was ahead of me because I would’ve rear-ended or should I say “hind-quartered” a very large doe that decided she was going to cross B20 just as I approached her invisible “deer crossing”.  It was a very close near-hit which I’ll not want to happen again any time soon.  I’ll never understand why they think jumping out in front of a car with its lights on is just OK by them–especially believing their lacking suicidal tendencies.

The coons continue to be active on the highways since I’m still seeing their pancaked bodies on the roadsides.  I’ll have to do some personal investigating as to why we see so many of their roadkills in the Fall and early Winter.  If they were migratory I would understand, but they’re pretty much territorial.  I’m beginning to wonder if those blacktops are their courtship and subsequent mating platforms because there’ve been numerous times I’ve seen two of them scurrying off the pavement and down into ditches or storm sewers.

Another day has passed and I still don’t have all my normal monthly accounting and bill paying finished.  I’m about three days over my personal deadline which internally angers me.  I would’ve had it finished if I’d not been sucked into an information gathering session which lasted over two hours.  All I can say is there’ll come a day when our City, State, and National governing bodies will be sorry they relied so heavily on computers.

I’m not sure if I’ve spoken about this before, but I read several years ago how this generation is going to be very upset when they find that many of their “keepsake” photos they’d stored in their computers in digitalized files, will not be accessible due to the rapid evolution of computer operating systems.  You all do remember computer files being stored on floppy discs don’t you?  Well, that’s just one example of what’s coming down the pike.  Unless you have a computer that can “read” and print those files, you’re out of luck.

Not but a week ago I spoke about how much I insist on making my business journal entries by hand on real paper ledger sheets.  I’m sure many would think me crazy for doing it because of what they believe is a great waste of time.  Well, it may take a little longer, but I have those files at my fingertips, and whenever I need to go back to them, I know they’re safely stored in fire-proof file cabinets.  In a very small way, it gives me comfort in knowing those many thousands of online hackers are incapable of physically unlocking those cabinet drawers containing my accountings.

After seeing what our weather is supposed to be like this weekend, I decided to hold a public open house at 321 S. Carolina Ave. this coming Saturday.  We’ve had a number of showings on it, but no takers as of yet, but I’m of the belief it’s going to get sold soon.  It’s an exceptionally well-built brick ranch home that’s much larger than it appears from the street, and that’s because it sets back farther than normally from the curb which in my opinion is a good thing.  Who want’s to be listening to cars driving by?

The above photo is one I snapped yesterday as I was driving back from Worth County.  I was inspired to take it because it reminded me of how no matter what we think or believe, we’re all personally traveling down our lonely roads of life.  Even identical twins can’t see, touch, taste, or smell the world around them in the exact same way.  Whenever trying to describe some feeling or experience in detail, it’s pretty much a crap shoot when attempting to relay to others what we’ve stored away.  It’s quite sad when you think about it–especially knowing everyone else is suffering from similar inabilities.  Even the most skilled empathizers rely only on educated guess work.

A few words popped into my head today which I believe is yet another example of how quirky our English language is and why it’s all the more difficult to learn as a second language.  For example, the word “prayer” can mean two different things but spelled the same.  I now present, “Great prayers are capable of saying prayers that get past their covers.”  Then there are the double plurals such as “Peoples” and one I head yesterday which made me laugh being, “mices”.  Don’t you just gotta love our quirky and a bit crazy language?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When we finally learn to stop asking why, the answer somehow always magically appears.

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