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It was pretty much a normal Saturday in real estate with the phone calls, the showings, and my public open house.  I did change my clothes and go work for several hours at an absolutely filthy job I wasn’t able to get finished this past weekend.  Thank goodness I did manage to get the dirtiest part of it done, so when time permits tomorrow, I’ll go and clean up that mess.  There’s normal dirt, dirty dirt, and old greasy dirt, and when they’re combined, it’s loathsome.  I’d say that was the worst dirt I’ve encountered in a number of years and hopefully for many years to come.

As chance would have it, I had two offers submitted today on one of my listings by other agents, and from the sounds of it, there’ll likely be another one coming in tomorrow.   It comes as no surprise when knowing how near perfect the home has been maintained, as well as the more desirable neighborhood in which it’s located.  The unfortunate thing about multiple offers, is that there’ll be one or two buyers not the happiest of campers if their offers aren’t accepted.  Thank goodness we’re not in a hot market where there are almost always multiple offers that end up going well over asking price the day they’re listed.

I’m still quite surprised 321 S. Carolina has not yet had an offer on it.  Now that’s one heck-of-a well built home which has NEVER had any water in its basement.  Of course it being of a mid-century design and offering gorgeous oak floors, I’d be a push-over for it if I were a young first-time buyer in the market.  But again, there’s carpet in several rooms that needs replacing, along with those normal decorating touches.  Oh well, there’ll be a buyer for it just like there is for nearly every home in North Iowa.

It looks like there’s a number of people in our market now who’re looking for something to fix up as a rental or possibly to flip.  Just this week I’ve heard from three different Realtors asking if I knew of any cheapies that’ll be coming on the market soon.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of any at this time, but there’s always a tomorrow where someone will call wanting to get rid of their diamond in the rough.  If you know of anyone, have them give me a call because there are buyers looking for winter projects.

One of my dear clients called today just to wish me a Merry Christmas, and while asking how he’s been, he admitted to be not the best.  It sounds like a sister of his has a young boy who’s being passed back and forth between her and an ex-boyfriend who happens to be her son’s biological father.  He told me the young man is on some prescribed pill which is causing him to be all the more anti-social.  He said the last time he was around him, that’s all he was doing the entire time he was there, was obliviously playing games on his smart phone.

Of course I couldn’t help but say there’s likely thousands of young ones living similar lives which has me more than concerned about what they’ll be like when they become adults.  I had a distant relative who was given pills to stop some sort of hyperactivity, and I can assure you, there was a distinct lingering effect those drugs had when that relative became an adult.  I believe there are many of those drugs that were used back then which are now banned from the drug market, which makes me wonder about the so-called “safe” drugs of today being in time, also banned.  Unfortunately, I believe there are far too many parents relying on medicine to treat childhood problems that really aren’t that serious.  In the old days, most parents would hope and pray their children would simply grow out of their problems instead of looking to pill-pushers for help.

My public open house today at 24 – 11th St. NE was a great success to where I wasn’t there by myself for at the most 15 minutes.  Everyone that came to look, were in search of a big home for either their own big family, or their extended family.  For sure, it has more than enough bedrooms and baths to accommodate many people.  I was also quick to point out there being a three stall garage along with its yard being larger than most one would find included with a large older home, because it’s normally either one or the other.

We’re one more day closer to Christmas which means I’ve got cards to get sent out and a few gifts to purchase.  Let’s hope our weather isn’t wicked around that time so all the many will have safe and pleasant travels to and from their friends and loved ones.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Your children and grandchildren will see what you’re all about by what you live rather than what you say.

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