No License to Treat

Expecting to see snow on the ground this morning, I was delighted to find none, along with the sleet/rain mixture not beginning until much later.  Now that evening has fallen, the snow has begun, and I’m hoping we’ll not get as much as was expected because it’s going to be the heavy stuff.

I did make sure to get the slush shoveled off the front walk of my building several times today in hopes that’s all I’ll have to deal with come tomorrow morning is snow.  The first day of December looks to be Mother Nature’s reminder that she’s always in control.

My public open house this afternoon was a great success to where there were serious lookers continually in attendance even past closing time.  I will not be surprised if one of those buyers will be calling for a second look.  What made me the happiest was there being nothing about the home which those people didn’t like.  Of course it’s about as clean a home as anyone would find on the market today which is also a real bonus.  Nobody likes cleaning up after someone else, and as each year goes by, I find all the more buyers in dislike of homes that haven’t been detailed before listing, and as a personal testimonial, I spent three months of my spare time a few years ago, preparing a home for sale which was only on the market for three weeks before it went under contract.

One of the buyers in attendance talked about building a double garage out back, which would be very much possible because of the backyard’s size as well as the side lot having enough room for a driveway going back to it.  Another great bonus of that homesite, is that it’s not in a subdivision with crazy homeowner’s association stipulations and requirements.

The highlight of my day took place while showing a home this morning I have listed.  The buyers wanted to look at the back yard as well as inside the garage before we went inside, and while standing out there, I announced to both of their young girls that the house isn’t haunted in the least bit because I knew the owners very well, and they were the most kind and loving couple you’d ever want to meet.

I was a bit in shock when the mother started laughing and saying something like, “The girls were just talking about that before you pulled up!”  After we walked inside, I made sure to point out all its extra features, but most of all how well it was constructed many years ago, along with how level the floors were due to how strong the floor joists in the basement had been constructed.

Since I rarely forget a face, I asked the parents where we’d crossed paths before.  They informed me they’d looked at some open houses back about 15 years ago before they purchased.  There’d been some unfortunate happenings with them to where they’re now renting, but moving quickly in the direction of purchasing.

While standing in the kitchen, the parents proceeded to tell me a little about an unfortunate real estate dealing they had not long ago.  After hearing most of their story, I bristled before interjecting, “That guy is really a naughty monkey.”  Just after I said it, their two daughters burst out laughing.  I then announced to all of them that “naughty monkey” can be freely used as a tag for someone even in these times because it still remains politically correct.  Even the parents got a good chuckle out of that remark.

Speaking of naughty monkeys, I’ll never understand what possesses people to take the time, waste their energy and natural recourses to freely and openly pollute the universe with dark-minded words and deeds.  As my dear mother would say, “It’s bad enough to think such things, but to say and do is awful!”  I know of a few naughty monkeys who are all the more prompted to do dastardly things to others, and likely because they’re heavy into the giggle water and/or prescription drugs, but it still gives them no license to treat others in such fashions.  In these times, I’m growing all the more aware of the real naughty monkeys that walk our earth.  How about you?

If any of you are going to be out and about tomorrow, please do be all the more careful with your walking and driving around our City because I’m afraid it’s not going to be pretty out there come the morn.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some carry the burden of bitterness and resentfulness for many years, and sometimes even to their graves.

Joe Chodur

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