A Blue Ring

I’m hoping the snow is going to stop soon, or we’ll be doing some serious shoveling in the morning.  I received a weather alert on my cell phone this evening stating there’d been travel advisories issued for our area, and by the looks of our highways while driving home, I’d say they were rightfully issued.

Most of my morning was focused on getting my new listing signed up and disseminated out into the cyber universe which at times can be tedious and time consuming.  I’m thankful to have it up and running along with being in hopes it’ll sell soon.

The home is located at 1315 – 10th St. SE which is in the heart of one of our City’s more sought after neighborhoods.  As chance would have it, I sold that very home about 28 years ago to the current owners.  Oh my, how time does fly!  It’s pretty much a classic of a mid-century design with a few extras one normally wouldn’t find such as its circle floor plan, abundant extra storage, a built-in china cabinet in the kitchen, and a main floor laundry closet, along with a charming enclosed three seasons patio to the rear of the home.

Over the years, the owners made some noticeable improvements which include permanent siding, a new furnace and air, updated countertops in the kitchen, a modern shower in the bath, as well as a number of other big-ticket updates to where I’m confident whomever purchases it, won’t have any significant cash outlays any time soon because it’s already been done.  Anyone into hardwood floors will be delighted to find oak floors in both bedrooms, and I believe there are also hardwood floors in the living room.

Since that stretch of 10th St. SE is very short, there’s little or no traffic other than what’s created by people living on that street, or possibly someone having made the wrong turn.  It’s so close to the schools and east-side shopping that a person could easily walk those distances.

I’ve scheduled a public open house on it for this Saturday, and hopefully Mother Nature will be kind enough to give us sunshine and warm temps on that 1st day of December.  Now if any of you know someone looking for a rock-solid ranch home in a great neighborhood, please be sure to tell them about 1315 – 10th St. SE here in Mason City.

Most of my afternoon was spent showing my “diamond in the rough” listing I have at 21 – 11th St. NE which was recently reduced to $19,500.  I made sure to point out all the deficiencies the home has so the buyer would know what he’s getting into should he purchase it.

Every time I’m in that home, I continue to be in dis-belief someone hadn’t purchased it, only because of the exceptionally good bones it has.  But, as I’ve said before, there are too few young and industrious buyers out there that are willing to tackle project homes which most times, in the end, get purchased by “flippers” or “slum lords”.  Too sad.

After looking at it for the second time, the buyer did make an offer on it, so hopefully it’ll have a sold sign soon posted.  If it does sell, there’s no doubt in my mind there’ll be a number of people who’ve looked at it in the past who’ll say in a year’s time, “I should have bought that house when I had the chance.”  Oh well, it’s been out there long enough to were everyone has been given their opportunities.

You’re now going think me wicked when recently sharing a conversation I had with a dear one when speaking about an old duffer with whom he crosses paths with on occasion.  Since we both know the chap, I wasn’t surprised when hearing about that eighty-something year old telling my friend about his current “girlfriend” who’s at least thirty years his junior, and freely bragging about all the so-called expensive gifts he gives her along with the many fine evening dining spots they frequent.

What shocked me the most was hearing that the “old gent” freely and most openly talks about the “blue pills” he has with him just in case his little “dolly” is willing to get  frisky with him.  Oh my gosh!  How can people be so risque when speaking about such private matters?

After my shock wore off and began gathering my thoughts, I announced to him, “Well, the next time you happen to run into him, check to see if he’s chewing gum like a goat in rut, and then look to see if he’s got a blue ring around his lips, and if he does, then he’s likely taking the “blue pill” in the new and improved gum form.”  Oh Mercy!  Did he ever get a good belly laugh out of that!  I guess you gotta find something to laugh about regarding such vulgarity.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Whenever nights are filled with lust, all cats are always gray.

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