Deep and Lasting Hurts

Ouch!  Another cold and windy day in North Iowa happened again.  At least the wind wasn’t blowing as much as yesterday, but it was still too cold for this time of year.

One of my clients called to tell me she’d be out of the country for several months while on her first visit to New Zealand.  I was exceptionally excited for her because she definitely deserves a break from her hectic life.  Since I’ve talked to others who’ve visited and/or lived there, it sounds like a country worthy of spending more than a week or two exploring.  I told her she’s going to be cheating winter for once in her life because in the lands down under, their summers are our winters.  She’s definitely going to notice the immediate difference in the number of daylight hours.  I couldn’t wish any more of the absolute best for her and her future travels.

I’m sure many here in the US back away from visiting New Zealand and Australia due to the number of hours they’re facing in flight time. People think flying to Europe is a long haul, but traveling Down Under is far longer along with all the more plane changes before reaching their final destinations. On the positive side, they do speak English and their currency conversions aren’t as radical as they are in other countries.

I have several potential listing appointments this week as well as another showing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and after being out in this weather more than I wanted today, I’ll be wearing all the more winter togs tomorrow.  I had to laugh when visiting with a client this morning when saying, “My hands are growing accustomed to the cold, but now it’s my nose that needs to get winterized.”

I received an email from an old family friend telling me what his Thanksgiving was like, along with how much he’s hated winter nearly his entire life.  What lifted my spirits a bit was when he wrote, “Since I’m getting older now, at least it’ll be over more sooner than later.”  That was a nice way of saying how quickly time flies as we’re growing older.  I’ll have to write back to him and say, “Since you’ve learned how to fly thru Winter, you now can work on discovering how to put the brakes on Summer.”

One of my dear customers called today regarding several homes that are still showing up online as being for sale, but when I checked, the both of them are under contract.  We somehow ended up on the subject of “intentions”.  Of course yours truly had to re-visit the concept of intentions and how I believe they work.

What I’ve discovered over the years, is that if you really want the best for yourself as well as others, is to soulfully wish and/or pray for them to become their very best, be it mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.  If in fact we have the best of intentions for even those who’ve hurt us deeply, I believe it does help them, and then for some magical reason, it returns back to us in time as even a larger and greater gift of intention.

Wishing, hoping, or praying for ourselves to have the best doesn’t quite make the grade   of what other like-minds have soulfully bestowed upon us. It’s almost as though you can’t wish the best for yourself  because it has to come from someone else, or should I say, from their intentions.

As always, there’s a flip-side to everything, because I’m convinced one can wish ill on others, and sometimes those ill wishes come true, but unknowingly, in time, they’ll have those very same sour wishes doubled back upon themselves, and if not them, it somehow gets passed onto their children or those they hold the most dear.

You all remember that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for because it may come true.”, along with, “The sins of the fathers and daughters get passed on to the sons and daughters.”  Well, I’ve always been of the belief those words were meant as a warning for those who have selfish and/or mean-spirited intentions for others.  A conviction I’ve held for years is: “I wish the absolute best for everyone, and even those who’ve created deep and lasting hurts, but only as long as they stay as far away from me as possible, but no farther.”

I hope these words help to give all of you a little insight on what the true meaning of intention is, and hopefully we’ll continue to remind ourselves that it really isn’t all about me, but all the more about we, and after writing these lines, I’m now once again reminded that my dear mother was one of those who possessed a near mystic ability of deep and selfless prayer.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To be without guile, is to be free of deceit, cunning, hypocrisy, and dishonesty in thoughts and actions.

Joe Chodur

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