Tastefully Tailored

With the day so dark and windy, I figured I’d take a drive to a church service early this morning.  After having been caught by a train stopped at a crossing, I had to drive all the farther to get around it which made me almost late for their Services.

When finding there was a flutist accompanying the organist, I was thanking myself for making the drive.  The two highlights of their Gathering of Faith was hearing the three “voices” of music, along with watching a baptism exercise with a young family.  It always makes me smile whenever watching a baptism take place. This morning’s baby was in good spirits where she wasn’t crying or squirming while being baptized.

The young flutist of likely twenty-something seemed quite accomplished with her ability to play accompanying parts for the song-leader and organist.  The organist was playing a certain piece on the piano which I was familiar, but noticed she was adding more chords that I know don’t exist in that hymn which I thought made it sound a bit muddy.  After thinking about it, she was likely doing that to keep herself from turning that piece into 3/4 time instead of 4/4 as it’s written.  Whenever I played it, I had to really focus on counting in my mind because the way it’s written, somehow makes a person want to turn it into a waltz.

While driving back to the City, I noticed all the more unpicked corn rows on the west side of north/south highways along with the north sides of east/west ones which the State has been encouraging more of our farmers to do so those un-picked rows will act as snow fences when those Alberta Clippers get our Winter snows a-moving.  I think it’s a great idea because of all the possible accidents those standing corn rows will keep from happening over our winter months.  Let’s all thank our farmers for making our highways all the safer this Winter.

Upon my arrival back to River City, I decided to stop at the Golden Arches and grab something light.  When I walked in, I happened to notice a dear family I know who seated at one of the tables.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a few laughs because there are two of them that are always filled with mirth.

While joyfully bantering with each other, one of the clever ones interrupted me and said, “Tell me that saying again you told me once which has something to do with killing a cat.  I’ve tried to use it on others, but I can’t remember all of it.”  I smiled, cleared my voice and loudly said, “Tit for tat, butter for fat, you kill my dog and I’ll kill your cat.”  Of course the whole table roared after I stopped speaking.  But what got me laughing, was one of them saying, “There was once a guy who came to our farm to hunt, and somehow his dog took after my big tom cat and chased him up on the stump of a tree.  And when that dog tried to grab him, my old tom gave him a good face whack with his claws.  Of course that guy with the gun came up and threatened to shoot my cat for what he did, but I also had my gun with me and told him that if he’d shoot my cat, I was gonna shoot his dog.”  After getting a good laugh out of that, I couldn’t help agree that his recollection of that incident was appropriately tied to the little saying I just shared.

That saying along with a string of others, were learned from my dearest of grandmothers who was filled with some of the most clever sayings.  I know there are a few I can’t recall, but I’ll continue thanking heaven I can still remember most.  I’ve even been told I can be just about as wickedly clever as her with my come-backs.

Just the other day after a clerk complimented me on my silk tie, I thanked her and then added, “There’ve been a few difficult mornings while standing in front of my mirror as I was trying to tie my tastefully tailored tapestry tie.”  I was glad to have given her a good laugh that afternoon.  Sometimes I think it’s better to make someone laugh than to cry, because there’s already too much crying going on in these times.

The remainder of my day was spent working on my little-big project where that’s all I found myself doing was pulling nails to where it won’t surprise me if  I’ll be dreaming about nails tonight.  Whomever pounded in all those nails must’ve thought that if one was good, then two would be all the better.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  A computer can be a useful and indispensable tool, but if we allow it to devour our time with vainly unproductive, and sometimes destructive pursuits, it becomes an entangling net, and unknowingly being pulled up onto the slaughtering decks of a trawler so appropriately named “Loneliness and Despair”.

Joe Chodur

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