Thanksgiving Day of 2018

It wasn’t the best of Thanksgiving mornings with such gray skies, but just as the sun was beginning to set, the cloud cover cleared off, so hopefully we’ll have a sunny day tomorrow for all the many Black Friday shoppers.

One of the clerks at Casey’s mentioned how strange it was our area newspaper sold out so quickly in her newsstand.  With a smile I said, “Oh you must not be a Black Friday shopper because I’m sure their paper was full of ads for tomorrow.”  She was happy to hear my words as the most likely reason and going on to say that if she’s still working there next Thanksgiving, she’ll be all the more ready for those many more newspaper buyers.

I’ll never understand in a million years why people get so hyped-up over these pre-Christmas sales.  It’s not as if nearly all of us haven’t already got enough “stuff”.  There are far too many I know who spend more of their lives shopping for things they think they need, but then a year or two later, nearly all of it ends up on garage sales, which tells me they really didn’t want and/or need it that bad in the first place.  And of course what’s really griped me these past years, is finding nearly everything in stores made in China.  I would rather buy something used which was made in the USA than a new item made in China, and oh how they’re really working all the harder now at hiding those tags or stamps which name the country of origin.

I just read something yesterday on one of our MLS lockboxes which said, “Assembled in USA”.  I immediately thought, “Oh, so all the parts came from China and shipped thousands of miles, and then “assembled” in the back room of a sweat shop here in the States.”  How crazy is that?

I didn’t have any Realtor chores today, so I busied myself with moving left-behind furniture from and apartment, and then buried myself into cleaning it for about five hours. I’m not sure if I’m becoming all the more particular, or if people are growing even more lazy.  There’s no question in my mind those tenants never scrubbed the tile surround in their shower as well as the inside of that bathtub.  It’s no wonder so many people catch colds as well as the flu which they ignorantly spread out into our general public.

It would be a very interesting experiment with a small community where they’d be given tedious tasks of keeping all their living and working environments as clean as possible for a given year.  One of the big challenges would be making sure everyone would follow-thru with their daily and weekly cleaning regimens because if a small handful of them wouldn’t, the experiment would be considered a polluted failure, but if everyone did follow their instructions, I’d wager there’d be some shocking results about cleanliness that would be immediately reported to the general public.

There are a great many people who are allergic to dust mite feces and don’t even realize it.  If any of you wake every morning and find you’re sinuses stuffed-up, then you’ve likely having allergic reactions to it.  Now let’s take it one step further when considering that if your sinuses are not freely open because your immune system has been kicked into gear, which then give viruses all the more opportunities to take hold because your body’s been all the busier trying clear-out those particles of dust mite feces.  Sorry, I hope I’m not sounding a bit gross, but in a nutshell, that’s just one of my cause and effect hypotheses.

While quietly working those hours this afternoon, I began recalling all the years I would spend Thanksgiving with my now deceased mother.  She would always go all-out by preparing copious amounts of yummy things to eat.  A monster turkey would go into the oven before dawn, she’d have homemade buns readied to go in after “Tom”, green beans with mushrooms, fresh mashed potatoes, gravy made from turkey drippings, a separate casserole of stuffing made from turkey giblets with copious amounts of home-grown sage that was dried and ground, cranberries never from a can, a fruit salad, usually baked butternut squash which was always our favorite, sometimes a corn casserole with jalapenos, homemade pumpkin and lemon meringue pie created from scratch,  green tea  followed later by coffee, and above all, big helpings of delightful conversation.

So if you’re wondering where I went for Thanksgiving, I soulfully found my mind traveling back to a place in time where another re-run of a memorable experience took place where there were good times had by all.   I hope all of you had equally great experiences with family and friends on this Thanksgiving Day of 2018.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming.

Joe Chodur

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