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My morning started a bit earlier due to having several deliveries to make before heading to the office.  It was a pleasant surprise to find it much warmer outdoors than it’s been these many past early mornings.  Let’s hope it continues thru our weekend.

There’ve been a number of people telling me they’ll be traveling far out of town for Thanksgiving get-togethers tomorrow which prompted me to remind them to drive carefully and return safely.  It would be great if there’d be absolutely no serious accidents with Holiday travelers across our Nation.  Now wouldn’t that be a memorable Thanksgiving?

This weather has not been a bit cooperative with all the outdoor work that still needs to get completed before our deep frost arrives.  Today I noticed workers spreading down lime rock where new sidewalks were supposed to be poured over at the Egloff House.  That concrete contractor must’ve realized after it was too late, that attempting to pour in this weather would be a crap shoot, and certainly not in want to be coming back in the Spring to do re-pours due to concrete freezing before it was cured enough to withstand a frost.

One of my appointments today was over at Prairie Place on 1st condominiums where we spent over two hours looking at different floor plans, along with viewing all the extras that complex has to offer.  I believe they’ve got their favorites narrowed down to two different floor plans.

While showing them the units, I quickly discovered they’re the nicest of people who’d certainly fit right into their growing community.  One of the owners was good enough to allow me to show them their furnished unit.  Since I hadn’t been in their unit since they purchased it, I was delightfully surprised at how well they’d decorated it.  The biggest jaw-drop was when they showed us their custom ordered closet organizers.  I’ll wager there aren’t even half million dollar homes in our area that feature organizers like the ones they had installed.  They did mention they had to drive to a store in Minneapolis to order them.  The next time I see them, I’ll have to get the name and address of that store for future reference.

Before they left, we talked about how very important it is for our elderly to be as independent as possible.  I’m of the belief that when seniors maintain standards of self-reliance, they seem to always be all the more upbeat along with truly looking to their futures with joys instead of fears.

I believe they’ll be spending Thanksgiving with one of their children, and I’m hoping there’ll not be any resistance on their child’s part, because I can’t even begin to think of the number of times I’ve seen and heard of aging seniors having gone along with their children’s wishes and later finding themselves trapped by decisions they never would’ve made had it not been for overly-controlling children, and unfortunately, nearly every family has at least one who believes that he or she knows what’s best for their parent and/or parents.

Later today I met with a plumber to do some repair work at a home. Since I had to be there with him while he worked, we somehow ended up on the subject of the opioid epidemic which is getting all the more out of control.  We shared similar stories about people living here in North Iowa, along with how innocently a person can become addicted.  One particular person once said it all started with some pain killers she was prescribed by a doctor after her back surgery.  I don’t even want to think about how much money she’s burned thru with all her on-line pharmacy purchases.  After reading Time Magazine’s special edition a number of months ago, I’d say our Country has a very big problem that’ll have to be dealt with more sooner than later.

Before heading home, I stopped at Fareway to grab a few items, and as chance would have it, I ran into a young man whom I’ve not seen in years.  We had a good chat about where he’s moved, his new job, and how his musical abilities have progressed since we last spoke.  I’ve known his parents from the time I was young, and was sure to have him give them my regards.

I’m hoping all of you will have an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your loved ones tomorrow, while making sure to only take photos containing natural smiles.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When angers rise, we must always consider their long-term consequences.

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