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Having been side-tracked early this morning, I didn’t get to the office as early as normally since I had some errands to run along with making a stop at the gas station for another full-up.

When visiting with a client this morning who was talking about her son vividly remembering a happening back when he was five years old, I was reminded again how impressionable children can be when at a young age, and even after decades pass, they’ll remember things that were said and done by others in those years which are oft times carried on into their adult lives, and whenever speaking about certain instances, their recollections are as clear as if they’d happened yesterday.

On the flip-side, there are those who can’t, or possibly refuse to remember their childhood experiences.  I’ve heard a few aging adults over the years saying something like, “I don’t remember much of anything regarding my childhood years because it’s all just a blur.”

Sometimes I have to laugh whenever being in a group of people who grew up together and finding their stories differing widely to the point where I couldn’t believe any of them because of there not being even a thread of common ground.  When personally hearing such discrepancies, I oft times consider a few of them to be those who re-write their childhood histories just so to make their experiences more colorful and drawing all the more attention to themselves.

Finding I had some free time over my lunch hour, I decided to grab our notorious newspaper to see what stilted news I could find that would be worthy of being considered “trash reporting”.  Of course I found several that were at best weak which once again confirmed the real reason their newspaper is continuously loosing subscribers.

My biggest gripe with the Gazette,  are those many letters to the editor they freely publish which are submitted by people whom I wouldn’t consider pillars of our community and definitely in possession of some serious hidden agendas they need to personally address.  After reading reading such tripe, I’m left to believe our newspaper publishes them just so to fill in blank sections of pages they’re getting ready to print.

After stepping back and watching over these recent years the reporting that’s been done by their staff reporters, I’ve come to the sad conclusion there’s a distinct bias being shown when they’re researching and reporting, which I consider exceptionally wrong.  A good reporter is one who shows no personal bias and presents all angles of subjects in their articles, which in the end, allows their readers to draw their own conclusions. Everyone’s talking about fake news on our national level, yet most of us don’t realize it’s being created and disseminated on our State and City levels as well.

The afternoon closing on one of my listings took place without a hitch which made me very happy since there were some last day issues that had to be resolved on the buyers’ side.  I’m glad they let me know several days ago of a possible problem just so I wouldn’t be surprised on the day of closing if they weren’t able to get it resolved in time.  The agent representing the buyer has always been great at keeping the channels of communication open with me, and I greatly appreciate it.

One of my late afternoon showings went relatively well to where I believe the buyer is somewhat interested.  With the sun low in the sky and growing all the colder outside, I’m hoping to get a call to see it again when the sun is higher and the temps milder.  Second showings usually confirm real interests or deal killers.

My last stop was at the grocery store where I ran into two of the dearest past clients of mine who can always get me laughing about something.  I’d worked with them on and off over a great many years, and when discovering they collected framed prints of a popular artist, I freely gifted them one they didn’t have which was given to me as a gift by colleagues I worked with a number of years ago.  When I dropped it off at their home, I’ll never forget the look on their faces when I finally convinced them I wasn’t going to sell it to them, but only freely giving it to them as a small remembrance.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When you fish for love, bait with your heart and not your brain.

Joe Chodur

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