A Little Waltzier

I’m sure there were all the many including me who awakened this morning to find around two inches of snow on the ground and not a bit happy about it.  Thank goodness it wasn’t anymore because it was just enough to get myself broken into shoveling for another winter season.  Yes, it’s drawing closer to the time when we do get snow, seeing that Thanksgiving is less than a week away.   Isn’t it strange how it seems already many months since there were green leaves on the trees?   I believe the slow transitioning of seasons creates those illusions of the actual amount of time that has passed.

Since I had an hour or two to kill this morning, I went out to the North Iowa Fairgrounds and had a look-round at a multi-party auction that was taking place today.  Oh Mercy!  I’ve never seen so much stuff in one building to where the aisles were even cramped.  I didn’t see one thing out there that interested me, but I did run into several people I knew who brightened my spirits while there, but truth be told, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough because there was far more “stuff” everywhere than I think I ever seen at an auction.   I’m glad they did make note in the paper that it was a multi-party auction because I would’ve considered it all belonging to a major hoarder.

After making sure all my shoveling was done, I went back to my office and worked on clerical duties and then prepared myself for my upcoming open house.  I figured the snow wasn’t shoveled at that house which prompted me to arrive all the earlier.  As suspected, the snow hadn’t been cleared off so I quickly went to work at getting it shoveled before people began arriving.

To my surprise, there were potential buyers there nearly the entire time. One of the couples was showing a great interest in it and hopefully they’ll be able to get themselves pre-approved for a loan.  Since they’re first-time buyers, I spent enough time explaining the initial process of home buying.  After telling me where they work and how long they’ve been at their jobs, I’d say they shouldn’t have any problems getting a loan as long as their credit scores are high enough, but of course that’s for a loan originator to decide.

With there being no appointments after my public open house, I decided to take in a church Service this afternoon.  Since I hadn’t been there in a long while, I was shocked to find they’d changed their lighting. Ouch!  Their powers-that-be must’ve decided to change them all into energy-saving, but very white LED lighting.  I couldn’t believe how the overall “feeling” of that church changed in a noticeably bad way.  Believe it or not, everyone who had white on including the Minister, appeared to have a blueish cast.   I’m sure the Minister had good intentions when writing his sermon, but the points and comparisons he was trying to make were noticeably weak.   Now don’t think me bashing all the more when saying that even their choir was “off” to the point where there were people including me, who were turning around and looking up, and we all know what that means.

In spite of those glaring white lights, I’m glad I went because while walking out, I ran into some people I’ve known for many years and made sure to spend a few moments visiting with them.  I was careful not to mention anything about the change of lighting in their church because I’m sure they’ve grown used to it by now.  I’ll remain happy in knowing I’m still in possession of a few good memories of how that church looked not so many years ago which at the time offered more soothing contemplative lighting.  Now after thinking about it, I’d say their new lighting reminds me of what you’d see in an ice arena.

While visiting with a colleague today, we happened to get on the subject of how much more all the many in our general public appear to be living regimented lives.  I believe much of it’s borne out of always attempting to be politically correct in fear of being shunned by family, friends, and co-workers.  This new way of life brought to mind a worthy comparison I made when saying, “I’m of the belief most people in these times are living their lives in 4/4 time which is what I’ve always considered a musical “march”.  But what really got him to thinking is when I said, “Wouldn’t life be all the more enjoyable if we lived in 3/4 time which is that of a “waltz”?  Now tell me truthfully.  Wouldn’t you rather be dancing thru life than marching?”  I hope tonight’s photo along with my thoughts on this matter, will inspire everyone of us to start becoming a little waltzier in our daily lives.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  My experience has been that work is almost always the best way of pulling oneself out of the depths.

Joe Chodur

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