Old Widow Ladies

Thank goodness it was a bright sunny day which helped to keep us from feeling all the more chilled since it was hovering in the 20’s most of the time until it did get up to the low 30’s before the sun went down.

Another appointment took me to Worth County again this morning for a final walk-thru of a property before we went to closing.  I absolutely could not believe my eyes when I noticed in a field to my left, a bald eagle eating something it must’ve taken down.  And if that wasn’t a sight, not but a minute later, I looked to my right and noticed a small flock of trumpeter swans comfortably lounging out in the middle of a picked corn field.  If only I had my camera with me because that would’ve been a great shot to share with you all.

Most don’t realize that trumpeter swans also migrate south just like wild ducks and geese.  I’m sure most who’d seen them when driving by would’ve thought them to be snow geese.  No, they were not because I fully know what white geese look like at a distance from my days on the farm.  Geese aren’t that big and don’t have necks that long, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I did get both of my closings completed today without any last minute hitches which made me exceptionally happy. I’m sure they’ll all be moving more quickly now that our days ahead are getting a bit scary with measurable snow in the forecast.

One of the buyers whom I’ve worked with enough to where I got to know a great deal about, shared a few of his life experiences with all of us at the closing table.  I knew a little bit about his days of running, but today I thought my jaw was going to drop when he told us that he’s run a total of 20 marathons.  But there were even more surprises that he shared.  Believe it our not, he first started running when he was 55 years old, and didn’t stop until he was 80.  The last thing he said was what wowed us all when admitting he’d run 10 different 100 mile races across the country which had to be done in a 48 hour period, or the runners would be dis-qualified.  Now that’s what I call real personal accomplishment!

I’m going to keep in touch with him and his wife because they’re the nicest of people and are filled with wonderful stories which give us younger ones a few peeks at how things were back in their years.

I truly admire people of accomplishment who’ve risen above the crowd and shared their abilities, along with inspiring others to do the same with their own lives.  I had to laugh when his wife said something like, “Some of the women I know feel they’ve accomplished something by dropping a few babies, and then waiting for the old widow ladies to die they’ve sucked up to so they can get their money.”  We got a good laugh out of that one, but I couldn’t help but add, “You speak more truth than jest when saying that because I’ll never forget one in particular.”

I spent about an hour visiting with a prospective seller this afternoon who had a laundry list of questions for me which I was able to get answered.  She thanked me profusely for bringing her up to speed with the process and hopefully she and her husband will give me a call when they decide to list.  I’m going to be sorry to see them move out of the area, and just before she left I said, “After I sell your home and you move out of our City, please promise to send back another delightful young couple.”

I thought it a bit funny today when getting a call from one of the contractors I’d been waiting for months to get some work done for me and telling me he’s ready to start.  Without me saying anything about waiting so long he said, “I know I’m late, but I didn’t want you to be dis-appointed in me.”  I thought that was rather big of him.

The above photo is one I took yesterday of the pavilion when at Swensrud Park in Northwood.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Friendship with oneself is paramount, and if not, we find ourselves by own jealousies, out poisoning the wells of others in attempts to pull them down to our own pathetic levels.

Joe Chodur

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