Swensrud Park

Thank goodness the clouds dispersed and the north wind wasn’t blowing today!  As the morning wore on, it actually was near being pleasant outdoors.  Someone said it’s supposed to be like this for at least a few days, and all the many happier who’re up against our weather to get their outdoor repairs and improvements made.

I received a call from a client of mine late this morning asking if I would stop at his worksite and visit with him about a real estate matter.  Since I’d just finished with my morning showings, I gladly agreed after finding he wasn’t that far from where I happened to be driving at the time.

When I got there I found him and his worker tearing off old tar and gravel coating on the decking of a small flat roof.  He climbed down the ladder and walked over to my car where we had a much longer visit than both he and I’d expected.  After he got the answers he needed, my curiosity compelled me to ask how his current roof project was coming.  After telling me he’d run into a cluster of half-waked bats in the overhang, I felt and instant shiver.  He sensed my reaction and started teasingly telling me about the number of times and places he’d found bats.  It still amazes me how even the smallest of openings are enough for them to enter roofs and sidewalls of homes and buildings.

It wasn’t but a month ago when someone pointed out a small section of siding on a neighbor’s home that was slightly pulled away from another section while saying, “My husband and I have been out on our back porch around sunset many evenings while watching over 20 bats coming and going from that small crack.  From a distance, that slight opening sure didn’t look big enough for quick exits and entries for that many bats. I fully understand the good things bats do to keep our insect populations down, but I do wish they would confine themselves to hollowed out trees and cave roofs.

One of my appointments took me to a home that I’ll be closing on tomorrow where I met my buyers for their final walk-thru.  Since I arrived there before they did, I made sure the doors were unlocked and lights on.  I did a quick walk-thru before they pulled up and discovered a number of personal belongings still remaining.  When the buyers arrived, I was quick to point out those items which I could tell they didn’t like the looks of them.  After finishing up with our last inspection before closing, I drove back to my office and called the listing agent to have him contact his sellers to get those personal belonging out before we closed on it tomorrow.

I don’t even want to think about the number of times I had to make calls to other agents and sometimes even my own sellers, to kindly request they remove the “stuff” they thought was OK being left behind.  My biggest gripes are when seeing old paint cans. Really?  Why would any sellers think the buyers of their homes would want to do touch-ups on existing painted walls that’ve certainly done enough fading over the years to where any “touch-ups” would look like totally different colors? All of us living here in Mason City should be thankful our City Dump still takes old paint cans, because other municipalities charge on a “per can” basis.

When suddenly finding I had to make a quick run up to Northwood this afternoon, I decided to take my camera with me.  It was a pleasant drive upon finding our countrysides having changed now that all our farmers’ crops are out.  Thank goodness they were able to get them harvested considering the amount of rain we’ve recently received.

The above photo is but one of a handful I snapped while walking around in Swensrud Park in Northwood which I’ll be sharing these next days. Of all the times I’ve been to Northwood, today was my first visit to their beautiful park which happens to have “my favorite” Shell Rock River running thru it.  I hope their residents fully appreciate its beauty by spending copious amounts of quality time there.  Without a doubt, I was wowed by its natural setting.  I could actually see myself perched on one of those bridges some future lazy Sunday afternoon.  If you haven’t been there, do make time to pay it a visit.  North Iowa certainly does have a good helping of natural attractions which always seem to be under the radar of our general public.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

Joe Chodur

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