As Snug as a Bug

Believe me, I wasn’t a happy camper when finding snow on the ground this morning, and to make matters worse, the roads were exceptionally icy–especially the intersections.  Since it was so early, I quickly discovered the City hadn’t  yet sanded those intersections when seeing drivers skidding nearly straight on thru.  You can be sure I was driving much slower all the way to my office.  As most know, it’s not just having to pay attention to our own driving, but also being on the look-out for drivers who’ve lost control on ice.

Thank goodness I arrived early enough to get the front sidewalks swept off before there were any pedestrians making “cat tracks”.  I always get a few rubber-neck looks by drivers whenever out there sweeping or shoveling so early in the morning.  Little do they know how much harder it is get packed snow shoveled or swept off those inferior pavers I dis-like so much.

The bulk of my morning was spent getting a reduction on my listing at 689 – 15th St. SE, along with taking all new photos of it since the owner has moved furniture out.  It is now reduced to $79,900 which is a great price for a home that’s ready to move into without being in need of any repairs or updates.  Now if that home doesn’t sell soon, I’d say all the first-time buyers have already purchased. I absolutely love its spacious kitchen/dining/living area, along with the open stairwell to its finished basement where there’s a rec room and another room that could be a “legal” 3rd bedroom if someone would install an egress window.

Without a doubt, I could see a single person or young couple living there comfortably. And by the way, the owner freely informed me that there was absolutely no water in the basement from both the 2008, and this years flooding.  Now that’s a real bonus!  The above photo is one of the interior shots I took today, and while looking at it, I couldn’t help but think some lucky person’s going to be as snug as a bug in that home this coming winter.

Once again we’re seeing in the news more devastating wild fires in California.  With the extended lack of rain they’re getting, it’s making their hills and forested areas dangerous tinderboxes.  Some of the photos I saw online today were all the more frightening when seeing so many of those residents with masks on to keep from inhaling smoke from those monstrous clouds of fire. It seems we’re either getting floods and mud slides, or out-of-control fires which is a continuous reminder we must never underestimate the power of water and fire.

I had a larger than expected number of visitors and phone calls at my office today considering how strong the wind was blowing.  Someone teasingly informed me that the windchill was 4 degrees when not but 20 minutes earlier I said to another, “I wouldn’t be surprised if our windchill is at or below zero.” Looks like I’m back at having the “feel” for winter weather again.

First thing tomorrow morning I’ve got a little “paying forward” to do for one of my clients since she’s not able to do it for herself, and if I get there early enough and stay focused, I should be finished in two hours or less.  I think we all should pay all the more attention to those who don’t have friends or relatives in our area whom they can call upon to do a few necessary chores for them.  I had to laugh today when another said, “I’m not helping my relatives anymore because they’ve got their own children they can call upon instead of me.”  I couldn’t help but agree with her all the more because too many times I’ve see situations where a sibling will talk another into helping with something, yet NEVER first bothering to ask their adult children.  There are a number of those particular mothers I’m familiar with who’ve continuously set their children high upon their pedestal’s, and then so thoughtlessly and above all, selfishly pestering their own siblings for help.  So much for teaching children the concept of sharing, caring, and commitment within their own nuclear families.

I’m hoping this wind will die down by the time my public open house starts at 38 N. Willowgreen Court.  I’ve got a good “feeling” it’ll receive all the more interest and perhaps even get sold out of tomorrow’s public viewing.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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