Dutch Mansard

With this weather turning all the more winter-like, I keep getting the “feeling” that winter ushered itself out not so very long ago.  But then I’m reminded of the snowstorms this past April and May which shortened our months of pleasant weather all the more.  I’m still convinced Mother Nature is punishing the earthlings for what they’re doing to her planet.

Most of my day was spent on real estate accounting which is always a monthly task.  Fortunately, there were no small errors or omissions that had to be tracked down.  Having worked in the banking industry years ago, the insistence of accuracy became hard-coded within me.

While over at the bank this morning, I was reminiscing with one of the personal bankers about the “good ole days” when I was working in a bank’s back-room accounting department.  Not long ago, I was sent a very short “clip” of a video that one of the workers took back then.  Oh how things have changed since then when it comes to creating videos.  I wasn’t the subject in that video at the time, but I did recognize myself in another room being too busy to notice one of the workers holding a video recorder.  I’ll have to ask if that’s the only one he took, because it would be a hoot to share with you all a more clearer one of myself back in those days.

Since it’s been so windy, I noticed one of the drive-up tellers yesterday using a stone to hold down the slips she was sending back out.  I couldn’t help saying, “You need a cleaner and more attractive stone.”  She laughed and said, “That’s all I could find on the way in from my car.”  I laughed and said, “I’ll bring you one tomorrow that’s cleaner and more attractive.” When I pulled up this morning, I passed it thru to her in the drive-up and said, “Now here’s a stone you can have that’s more impressive.”  When she looked at it, she said, “Wow!  I’ll have to make sure someone doesn’t drive off with it.”  While I was driving away I couldn’t help but think she believed me only kidding yesterday when saying I had a better stone for her to use.

When looking at possible properties for a public open house this weekend, I finally came to the conclusion that I’d host one at 38 N. Willowgreen Court because I feel it should’ve been sold right out of the gates.  Of course I have to keep reminding myself that we’re on the downward slide of buyer activity.  I still think it would make a great Christmas present to a growing family.  I can already see a beautiful Christmas tree next to the fireplace in its lower level.

The views of Sunset Lake alone would incite me to purchase that home if I were in the buying mode.  What’s nice about not living right on the water, is that you can enjoy looking at it without paying higher taxes and sometimes even yearly association fees.  Tell friends and relatives about 38 N. Willowgreen Court, and by the way, I’ve had people say they didn’t like its exterior appearance because it looks like a barn.  Well, it has paintable permanent siding, so a good paint job with a “non-barn” color would make it appear to be of the Dutch Mansard style which of course is exactly what it is.

My working hours were much longer today which has forced me to make this evening’s journal page shorter.  Stay warm and have a good rest.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.

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