Oaken Pleasures

For some reason, the chill in the air was back at it again today, and I dare say I never did feel comfortably warm.  I guess it’s not just me because of the comments I heard from a number of others.  What gets me, is seeing some still running around bare-legged, and oft times with shorts on.  Oh well, I guess they must have a layer of insulation I don’t possess.

It’s making me sad in knowing that beginning Sunday, we’ll be entering the darkness zone for then next 4 – 5 months since daylight-savings time is being switched back.  I really wish they’d leave it permanently in place because having to travel home from work in the darkness is likely nobody’s cup of tea.  Personally, I’d rather go to work in the dark rather than come home in it because our evening hours of darkness will then be one more hour longer.

Tomorrow’s schedule is pretty much arranged with the times and places I have to be during my marathon of showings beginning at an early hour.  We keep hearing that rain is in the offing which will make it all the more uncomfortable for all of us, and unfortunately, showing homes in bad weather makes it more difficult for any given buyer to “warm up” to a home.  Oh well, we live in North Iowa and must be reminded at times that if we want roses, we have to accept their thorns.

One of the workers stopped by today to pick up a check, and somehow we got on the subject of the mentality of tenants who no matter what neglect and/or damage they do, they always have an excuse, and nearly always find a way to blame it back on their landlords, which prompted me to narrate some of the idiot things one particular bizarre couple we both know who’re near top of my list of those who blame everything un-acceptable they do or don’t do on everyone else.  I couldn’t help but mention that considering their ages being in the 55 – 60 range, they’ll never change the way they are until there arrives some great intervening circumstance that’ll knock them down a few pegs.  I did mention that I’m all the more encouraging landlords who’ve bent over backwards for tenants and then getting slapped in the face by damages done. I tell them to  take active steps in small claims court by petitioning for compensation.  Just remember, naughty monkey tenants who get away with damaging properties along with leaving excessive filth, will continue on similar paths going forward until the day comes when they’ll be paying dearly through the courts.  No matter how you look at such behavior, it never was, or ever will be right.

Several new tenants stopped by today to sign leases and I’m going to remain positive they’ll be above average with the care and maintenance of the homes they’re leasing. I’m confident they’ll be great additions to the neighborhoods they’re moving into.  As we know, that’s all it takes is one or two bad apples to to poison an entire block of residences.  Whenever speaking about poisoning a neighborhood’s “well”, I could’ve gone out and danced in the street when an extremely troublesome family finally moved out of town some years ago.  When their moving van pulled up, the phones were a-buzzin within that district.  One of them said to me at the time,  “When I see they’re gone for good, I’ll know my prayers have been answered.”   I saw first-hand how downright hateful they were towards their neighbors, yet even though years have passed since their exit, I still hear stories from people that entire family terrorized.

While out and about today, I stopped by 321 S. Carolina to take several new photos of the newly re-finished living room and hallway floors, and then later posted them online. Tonight’s photo happens to be one of them. Without a doubt, they’re absolutely gorgeous!  There are similar floors under the carpet in all three bedrooms which the current owner decided not to have done, but at least we have a bid to do them from the floor re-finisher.  His bid wasn’t as much as one would think considering how good they look.  I’ll be waiting to see how well the home is received tomorrow after I’d already those oaken pleasures my personal “quality control” inspection.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  What you feel inside reflects on your face, so be happy and positive all the time.

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