Always First-time Buyers

The wind we had this morning was enough to blow a person down the street along with all the other debris that was flying about.  The gusts were even all the more frightening when they suddenly came up in strength to where I had to make sure I wasn’t near any trees because I could see their tops swaying pretty hard. What made my anxiety worse, was knowing fully well there are many injured trees from those multiple straight-line winds we’ve had that’ll more sooner than later, loose their ability to hang onto their trunks and/or big limbs.  There’s a massive oak not far from our Historic Downtown that has a visible split, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be near that big boy when it snaps.

Most of my morning was spent doing little make-up workings at the office which I’ve left for quiet Saturday mornings.  I did get what I wanted done, and when seeing I had some extra free time, I re-visited a tag sale being held here in the City.  I was there for about 15 minutes yesterday, which didn’t afford me enough time to look more closely at the items for sale.

What I didn’t realize until after I arrived, was that everything left from yesterday was today lowered to 1/2 price.  I could see there were a great deal of items sold from yesterday, but still enough for me to take closer inspections.  The first and foremost thing I did, was spend likely an hour flipping thru the remaining photographs and post cards.  I was randomly finding one or two as I was fingering thru those stacks which kept me digging all the more.   There were at least six very good ones that the collectors must’ve missed due to their not taking time to read the captions on them.  They must’ve just been looking at the photography and nothing else.  I guess that’s what one gets for not taking time to read.

There was one particular group of photos I purchased of the interior of a turn-of-the-century home which piqued my interest.  When looking closer, I noticed a piece of furniture in one of them that was there at the house and still for sale.  I went downstairs with photo in hand and compared it to that item.  Yes, it was the very same thing, only definitely showing its age.

I went ahead and bought it, in spite of knowing I’m definitely not need of another piece of furniture, yet still glad I purchased it.  After paying for it, I showed the person handling the sale that very same item in the old photograph.  All he said was, “You’ve got a keen eye because I missed that one.”  I then mentioned to the owner who was seated at a distance that I’d purchased that particular item, and her response was, “Yes, I remember it well because it was my great grandmother’s and it’s been in my family for a very long time.

Thank goodness I managed to pull myself away from that tag sale so I could get back to the office and prepare for my public open house.  Thinking it was going to be a bit quiet there today, I was surprised to find so many people in attendance.  In truth, I had about 5 minutes alone the entire time.  There was definitely strong interest being shown, which makes me hopeful it’ll get sold quickly while reminding you all that if there’s anyone you know looking for a big 4 bedroom 2 bath home here in Mason City, please be sure to mention 38 N. Willowgreen Court.

With the sun shining brightly, and my not having any appointments scheduled after my open house, I decided to travel to another city to attend a church Service I’ve visited on previous occasions. The drive over and back reminded me again how many corn and bean fields there are still un-picked.  I did notice a large number of combines scattered about picking beans along as well as remembering how much dust those machines send into our atmosphere.  When driving thru some areas, the sun appeared hazed due to all that dust.

The above photo is of one of my purchases of today.  I liked it because it reminded me that in every age, there are always first-time buyers.  Their home was likely a little on the middle range of houses either built or purchased back in those years.  Can you see the little touches of elegance with the decorative scalloped shingles on the roof, and the stylish window moldings?  Back then, I’m sure it was that young couple’s pride and joy, which likely inspired someone to take a photo of them out in front of their beautiful new home.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness.

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