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I can tell it’s going to be some time for me to grow accustomed to this cold weather.  Seems each year it takes about 2+ weeks to comfortably endure the cold, and then another two weeks on the opposite side to get myself acclimated to the heat, so when you think about it, there’s about a month out of my life every year in which my body has to work at getting familiar with our annual temperature changes.  When thinking I’d dressed warm enough this morning, it didn’t take long to realize I didn’t.  There certainly are some polar bears living in our midst because I noticed several men walking out of the grocery store this afternoon wearing t-shirts, and the funniest thing, was seeing one of them carrying a six pack of A&W Root Beer.  Isn’t that something we think about drinking when it’s hotter than “yell” out?

I was informed by the owner of 321 S. Carolina today that he’s having the oak floors in the living room and down the hallway of his home re-finished by professionals sometime later this week.  For sure it will be all that much more presentable to prospective buyers. I stopped out there today to check the furnace, and while there I couldn’t help but wonder why in the heck it hasn’t sold yet.  It’s in a very desirable neighborhood which I can vouch for because my dear grandmother lived not far from there for many years, and she always enjoyed living in that area, and particularly because of it being centrally located.

When visiting with a seasoned Realtor today, we talked about how unfortunate it is many of today’s buyers don’t take quality of construction into account when buying which for me would be at the top of my list.  321 S. Carolina’s quality is far above average to where no matter what improvements a person would make, the return on investment would always be there because of its exceptionally good bones.  I know it came on the market late in the season, but there has to be someone out there who’s still looking for a modestly priced 3 bedroom ranch in our beloved River Heights.  Long after it’s sold, I’ll continue to be amazed at how its kitchen cabinets have remained in near perfect condition since the home was built.

One of my long-term clients called today inquiring on homes here in Mason City.  Some years ago, I sold their home and they moved to the Sunbelt where they’ve been for a number of years. They’re now seriously thinking of moving back to our area which comes as no surprise.  Remember me telling you how we’re getting all the more retirees moving back here so to have quieter and gentler lives?  Yes, we have the cold weather to deal with, but I sure wouldn’t want to be living in an area that could be greatly affected by hurricanes.  Just thinking about what those thousands of people are having to endure after Hurricane Michael’s pounding, gives me all the more shivers.

Another client called inquiring on the activity I’ve been getting on his home.  All I could tell him was that it continues to be shown, but not any great interest.  I did assure him that since he’s had two offers on it already, most likely the third one will be the charm.  Being him a long-term seasoned investor, we talked a bit about our market conditions, the growing number of world leaders who want permanent seatings, and of course those most recent political happenings that’ve made local and national news.  Thank goodness we both agreed on many points to where I actually thanked him for his thoughts because there’ve been times when I’ve considered myself a dinosaur of sorts when it comes to the way people in government positions conduct themselves.  It seems there is absolutely no sense of decorum whenever there are disagreements because nearly all I find are extreme polarizations and sensationalism which is definitely NOT my cup of tea.  Like a long-gone old one of mine would say, “They now do things out in broad daylight that we wouldn’t have even considered taking place behind closed doors and shuttered windows.”  How unfortunately true.

Looks like I had to bite the bullet today and order a new cellphone which has long out-lived its projected life.  Fortunately the new one is similar enough to my existing which means I won’t have to take night courses to learn all its functions.  And to think, 30 years ago there wasn’t anything even close to smartphones other than walkie-talkies.  Just now consider how quickly technology has evolved to where it’s now a mainstay of our daily lives, which incites me to pose my next question.  Where will we be ten years from now?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Most people are other people to where their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives mimicries, and their passions quotations.

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