The Next Five Years

We sure had a big swing back to high summer with our temperatures this morning.  When I arrived at the office, I found all the outside windows steamed up due to a drastic overnight temperature change.  Expecting it to be only around 80 degrees today, I was proven wrong when looking at the temperature Downtown at around 3:30 and finding it a humid 87 degrees.  And boy have the jiggers been out in full force!  Thank goodness there’s enough wind to keep them from really being a problem.  So if you’re wanting to enjoy the great outdoors during this heat, stay in the wind or flip on a fan.

Perhaps you will think me crazy by talking about something that has creeped me out a bit when hearing some near beyond coincidental stories that took place last Friday the 28th of September.  Of course you’ve all heard about that fatal motorcycle accident last Friday; but that’s not all.  During that 24 hour period, I heard about a sudden un-explainable death, an attempted suicide, a threatened suicide, a man being tugged on his shirt tail by an invisible force, and without my knowledge, that list likely goes on.

For me, last Friday was a busy one with closings to where I was exceptionally focused on getting them finished up without any hitches, but I do distinctly remember in passing, saying to a well-known client, “I have this really weird feeling there’s something in the air that’s distinctly wrong.”  Since I rarely have such feelings, it was well remembered where and when my statement was made.  I’m sure many of you have had similar days but normally brushed  them off as being something within yourselves, instead of something far greater, as well as sinister.

Please don’t think me a conspiracy theorist, or one that’s looking for a way to draw attention to myself because I know for a fact there’ve been others in my life who’ve quietly expressed concerns about people, places, things, and days, because I distinctly remember words coming out of the mouths of familiars who’d whispered concerns at given times which most would’ve dismissed, but not long after, became realities. Now what created those things to happen? Were they wished, or somehow possibly foreseen?

The reason I bring this up, is if indeed there really was something “off” with our universe that Friday, it would be interesting to find you also had something noticeably bad or off-worldly happen that day.  In the quantum physical world, there are happenings taking place which we have yet to discover or understand.  As far as I’m concerned, quantum physics is likely our last frontier of understanding the real connectedness we have to all animate and inanimate things on this planet we call Earth.

Today’s closing took place without a hitch which made me very happy.  It always tickles  me when seeing excited young buyers going thru the whole process of purchasing their new homes.  Without a doubt, their excitement transfers in a very good way, which brings me to crying out once again, “Bring all the more on!”

An unexpected phone call came in today from a dear client/customer whom I’ve worked with over the years.  He informed me they’ll both be moving back to our area more sooner than later, so they thought it best to alert me to their future plans.  Without a doubt, they’re one of the nicest young couples you’d ever want to meet, and I’m very happy they’re coming back.  They’re likely never going to believe me when I tell them I they’ve never been far from my thoughts since they moved away, and believe it or not, I was just speaking highly about them just last week to a mutual acquaintance.  There’s another one so very near and dear I’ve not heard from whom I also think about often which will more sooner than later prompt me to pick up the phone and make a call. If answered, I’ll likely hear an elongated response being, “Jeeooh Cheooder.”

Early this morning I made a point to go to a semi-annual meeting of real estate broker/owners.  What’s really got many of us all the more concerned, is how Zillow is manipulating on-line listings in North Iowa.  More than one of the broker/owner’s spoke about a listings they currently have which are showing up on Zillow as sold listings instead of being currently for sale.  I can’t understand why they would show all that old information on their site.  As far as I’m concerned, when a home sells, it should be taken off their online platforms instead of leaving them on for years.  Within our MLS, we Realtors have access to past sales information, but it’s not available to the general public.

Each year, it appears all the more, these online real estate marketing companies are trying to take over our entire Nation’s past, present, and future real estate sales.  The young buyers are the ones who’re really getting sucked into those so-called helpful applications.  While walking out of our meeting today, one of the brokers said, “You wait and see what’ll be happening in the next five years regarding real estate sales in North Iowa.”  His words concerned me because they were spoken in a very negative tone.  Oh well, we must all make the best of it here in the Northland and possibly start pushing back on this crazy computerization.  Isn’t there always supposed to be a human factor involved in the purchase of a home?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.

Joe Chodur

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