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It looks like we’re going to have a sweeping temperature change tomorrow.  Someone said it was going to be in the 80’s and then a storm will be rolling in that’ll likely be dumping hail.  Just today I was visiting with a gentleman who has a job associated with estimating roof damage, and he said that this business of hail is not just a problem for us because it’s happening in Texas, the Dakotas and all our other Mid-western States to some degree or another.  He said one of the Dakota farmers finally called it quits after having to replace shingles every year, so he bit the bullet and had metal roofs put on all his buildings including his home.  Most of the metal roofs I’ve seen are un-attractive, but there’ve been a few eye-catching ones I’ve noticed these recent years.

Most of my morning was spent working on files along with preparing for tomorrow’s closing.  We did the final walk-thru today, and I’d say the buyers are exceptionally excited to get moved in and settled.  There’ll be some great changes/improvements taking place with that home which will likely become the star of the block because the “man of the house” is a type “A” mover and shaker.

Sometimes I feel like we’re moving at a snail’s pace in getting the sale of one of my out-of-town property’s closed, but I keep remembering we’re moving as fast as we can, but forced to wait for the buyers’ bank to get everything on their side done so we can finally get a “Clear to close.”  I very much appreciate both the buyers and sellers being patient with the process.  Thank goodness they don’t have a “drop dead” date they have to move.

One of my sales is not moving fast enough due to the buyer chomping at the bit to get in.  I’m sure the selling agent is growing tired of asking me for a near-daily update that’s not changed much if any from the previous email received.  I understand the saying, “The wheel that squeaks the most gets the grease.”, but someone once added a footnote by saying, “If the wheel squeaks too much, it’ll get changed.”  I try not to badger people, but rather soulfully nudge them enough for them to realize I’m not so patiently waiting.

One of the tenants down the street from my office whom I’ve talked to at his business decided to stand outside and chat a bit about this and that.  While we were there, a hefty young man walked by, and after he was out of ear-shot, he said, “The first thing I noticed when I moved here from the Twin Cities was the over-abundance of fat people living here.”  I couldn’t help but agree, and also noted that he wasn’t the first person making similar observations.

Thank goodness he didn’t see the thirty-something man I spied this morning as he was walking up the Post Office steps.  Now I’m not kidding when saying, he had the biggest pair of what looked like black sweat pants on that were being held up by suspenders!  And to make matters worse, the likely quadruple “X” size T-shirt was tucked inside those sweats, and let me tell you, he was one big boy.

There should be a law against super-sizing meals, and above all, there should never be any “all you can stuff down your pie hole” eateries in North Iowa.  China Buffet and Pizza Ranch are the big draws, but just over the weekend, I noticed an advertisement from Hy-Vee offering all you can eat Chinese.  And we wonder why there are so many of our young coming down with old people’s health problems.

Today’s new listing is a restaurant in Clear Lake called, “The Lady Bug Restaurant”, which offers far more than meets they eye.  I recently discovered how popular they’ve become in Clear Lake these past years.  Anyone looking to expand their existing restaurant, or do a career change, would be walking into a near turn-key operation.  Unless you’ve toured it, you can’t begin to imagine how large it is inside. The owner has had as many as 50 vendors selling everything from flowers to canned goods, and nearly every other natural product between. The land included is almost a full acre which offers even more possibilities for future development. And remember, it’s in Clear Lake.

The above photo is one of the charming signs just inside the front door.  Isn’t it precious? Please be sure to spread the word about this great money-making opportunity The Lady Bug Restaurant has to offer.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.

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