Rising Hills

Another ugly gray day in North Iowa came and went along with a few sprinkles of rain from time to time.  I’m really hoping we’re not going to have an early winter because I’m not so sure I’ll be the least bit ready for another one as of yet, due to our not having a normal Summer.  Oh well, whatever Mother Nature dishes out, we have no other choices but to take what’s handed.

Between the two closings I had today which both managed to close at the last hour without a hitch, there were some interesting encounters with familiar people who seemed a bit “off” with the way they were acting, and above all, what was coming out of their mouths.  I’m hoping it was this cold and gray day that was sending them to the dark side.

The first one was very much bashing a co-worker for always talking about how hard he’s worked all his life and the difficult years he had while growing up.  I couldn’t help but interject that there are many who complain about having had to walk miles uphill to and from school.  The distortions of the past oft times gives us reason to justify our present stations in life.  If you listen very carefully in conversation with others, you’ll find all the many more who live quiet lives as self-professed victims.  After his ramblings about his co-worker he finally said, “One of these days I’m gonna tell him how poor my family really was and how my seven siblings and I nearly always went to bed hungry, and that being just one example of how hard we had it.” My only reply was, “If you think he’ll take your words to heart and back off on his complaining, then I’d say go for it.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that people like him will aways try to one-up anyone trying to challenge the weight of their self-made psychological millstones.

The second one was also interesting to where no matter what I said, there was quick and a bit sassy reply which really wasn’t like him.  I was left to wonder if it was the fact that a woman was in our presence and he was trying to make an impression with her at my expense.  Whenever people insist how great and wonderful their days are going, it’s usually just the opposite, and especially when finding their vocal intonations being off. It’s unfortunate that people like him always want to play the “big daddy” who can take anything the world throws their way.  That’s usually a recipe for ulcers and/or heart disease.  I walked away from our little encounter thinking, “What sort of naughty monkey entity decided to possess you today?”  Irregardless what was going on with those two gentlemen, I’m hoping it was just a bad hair day for them, and they’ll be back to their normal selves the next time we cross paths.

I’m going to have a busy day tomorrow with three more closings which I hope will also have soft landings.  Nearly all my closings of late have had other agents involved, which always create more “cooks stirring the soup”, which prompts me all the more to keep everything, and everyone on a straight line leading to successful closings.

I’m sure my buyer saw me blushing when a seller of a home I sold which was listed by another agent, came up to me during our walk-thru and said, “I had my choice of Realtors narrowed down to you and the one I chose, but I want you to know how high I’ve held your name over the years when speaking about your profession.”  Those words left me nearly speechless until I said, “I’m humbled by your kind words, and I wish all the best for you and your husband with your relocation.”  Since they’re getting up there in years, they’re moving out of our area so be closer to their children.

The above photo is yet another one I took earlier this week which I considered to be quite the contrast of flatland and tall forested hills.  It appeared as though those distant hills had sprouted straight out of the ground with no transitioning between.  I don’t ever remember seeing rising hills next to exceptionally flat farmland out in Eastern Iowa.  I believe there’s always something new to be discovered in our great State of Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Autumn is a second Spring when every turning leaf becomes a flower.

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