Humanity’s Greatest Threat

In spite of it being a little chilly this morning, it grew into being a delightful Fall day.  Thank goodness for it, because it was a busy one for me.  I’m hoping the fields will dry up enough for our farmers to get their beans picked.  When I was out in the country yesterday afternoon, I noticed some pretty brown soybean fields that are more than ready to be combined.  By the looks of some of the cornfields, they’re not far behind.

My first little job of the day, was to play for St. Paul Lutheran’s Service.  They changed their Service time from 9:00 am to 8:30 which took me there all the earlier.  Thank goodness I had time to practice last week because it showed with today’s accompaniment on both their piano and organ.  I decided to play half of the music on the piano, and the other half on their pipe organ, because I know there are some who prefer the piano while others the organ, so by splitting it, everyone should’ve been happy.

I always had to laugh to myself when playing at another church some years ago which my mother also attended.  Sometimes I would play their piano and afterwards there would be people who would catch me while walking out and making comments like, “Oh, I just love hearing you play the piano.”  On the other hand, my mother would be just the opposite by saying, “Why aren’t you playing the organ all the time? You know I’d rather listen to you play the organ instead of that piano.”  So there you have it.  Nearly all communities of faith have their music preferences.  My personal preference is having the three “voices” coming from the choir loft.  The first one being the organ, the second a song leader, and the third either a woodwind or string instrument.  Having been fortunate in the past to be a part of the three “voices”, I can say there’s nothing more spiritually moving.

What made me all the happier today at St. Paul, was seeing more people in attendance, and especially some younger ones.  It’s exceptionally important for congregations to hold onto their young.  I’m hoping the pendulum is beginning to swing back with the general public by returning to our more traditional main-line church settings.  The spiritual ambiance within St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is definitely there, so if you’re thinking of making a change, give them a try some Sunday morning at 8:30 am. I know someone who’d be happy to accompany me with the oboe, so now I just need to find a good vocalist.

After church, I headed to Manly for my showing of 115 W. North which is down to a bargain-basement price of $23,500.  The buyers were showing good interest in it and since I know them, they’d definitely be able to make that home into a charming cottage style.  They’re seasoned investors with money and knowhow.  They’re looking for a winter project, and I believe it would be a good one.  I couldn’t help but interject, “I’d much rather work on a smaller house than a big one because you can see your progress much quicker.”  Of course I’m always concerned about buyers biting off more than they can handle, and then loose interest.  That’s definitely not a good thing.  I know fully well how even the best of so-called carpenters can loose interest to where you almost have beg them to get back to finish their projects.  Thank goodness I’m not like that, but rather the opposite.  There’ve been too many times where I’d paid for it the next day from over-doing it.

Just as I was leaving the office, I noticed our familiar dumpster diver back at it again with all the dumpsters lining Commercial Alley.  He actually makes two appearances; once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. After I got after him for opening all those sealed garbage bags several months ago, he now tries to keep his distance from me.  I’m sure it’s just a dirty hobby, because I’ve seen him driving a relatively expensive Prius, and also walking with a woman appearing to be his wife out on East State Street.  If he only knew how many paper products I’ve had to pick up because of him, he’d more fully understand the mess he makes.  I just wish he’d either change hobbies, or go and get a part time job somewhere if he happens to be one who thinks he’s got to stay busy during his retirement years.

A client of mine shared a Youtube video with me that’s now got me all the more concerned about artificial intelligence.  And to think China, Russia, and USA are racing to have it perfected.  I’d be running, not walking away from anything having to do with artificial intelligence.  I’m convinced Stephen Hawking was right when he said artificial intelligence is humanity’s greatest threat.  In the above photo section, just click to open the short video, and if you like it, be sure to share with everyone you know.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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