Poisoning the Well

Another day of near perfect weather just happened in North Iowa.  Around noontime I received a call from the abstract company in Northwood saying the two abstracts I’ve been waiting for were complete, so off I dashed for a wonderful drive up north.  It’s too bad more of our City’s residents don’t get out in the country more often.  With the leaves now beginning to turn and the corn and beans loosing their green, creates more of a contrast with the fields, sky, and trees.

I had to take a phone call just as I pulled up to the abstract office which is on the main drag of Northwood, and just the short time I was there, I was astonished to see so many big trucks going thru town, and nearly all of them were eighteen-wheelers carrying loads of sand or gravel from that open pit aggregate mine just south of Northwood.  If I had to work in one of those businesses on that stretch, I’d be ready to climb the walls after listening to those noisy trucks all day.  I’m surprised Northwood doesn’t create some sort of Highway 65 by-pass of their Downtown so to keep those trucks from ploughing past those historic buildings like wagon trains all day long, and five or six days a week.   It was never like that until they open that pit.  Someone did tell me that it’s much harder to get mining permits in Minnesota than Iowa, and for sure that’s where those loaded semi’s are headed.

I placed my name in a drawing today and managed to get chosen for a pumpkin wreath, so I’ll have to go and pick it up tomorrow.  I’ve already got a few ideas where I’m going to donate it just so there’ll be all the more people enjoying it these next few months.

Since I had a free hour or two this afternoon, I called the owner of 321 S. Carolina and asked if I could tear back a small section of the old carpet in its living room so to expose the hardwood floors I “knew” was under it.  He gave me the go-ahead so off I went.

It took me a little longer than expected because I didn’t have the right tools to pull up one of the corners.  Oh Mercy!  After I got that old pad cleared away, and damp-wiped the floor, I found that flooring to be in about as perfect condition you’d ever expect.  And to think the beauty of those floors have been encapsulated for over sixty years.  While I was there, I decided to give the front picture window a long overdue cleaning both inside and out.  Now the buyers will be able to see the front yard more clearly.

I decided to have another public open house on it this Saturday, which I’m hoping will attract more buyers.  Seeing what all those oak floors will look like now that a small section has been exposed, should create all the more incentive for today’s buyers.  I would say 75% of all buyers prefer hardwood floors in at least one section of their new homes.  We’re going to continue working at making that home all the more presentable until it sells.

While visiting with one of my favorite colleagues today, we happened on the subject of people who are filled with jealousies and hatred.  He mentioned something which I’d nearly forgotten which was how in businesses and families, there are times when it only takes but one person to fill a company or family with dis-chord.  When he mentioned that, I remembered someone telling me a number of years ago her having an ability to deeply wishing bad things on others to where they come to pass.  Wow!  What a horrible “gift” to have, and worst of all, to be proud of it!

The more we talked, the more I began thinking about a number of people in government, business, and especially families who’re doing just such evil deeds.  My colleague referred to it as “poisoning the well”.   Take a moment or two now to draw your own conclusions regarding poisonous people you’ve come in contact with in your own lives.

Over my long years, I’ve discovered far too many times people wishing ill on others, and when it happens, they gloat over it.  But in the end, those who’ve spent a great portion of their lives poisoning the wells of the innocent, sooner or later, it comes splashing back on them via karma.  Not so many years ago I witnessed the death of a very jealous and hate-filled old man, and believe me, I’ve never seen a human fight death the way he did.  The number of years he spent poisoning the well of those he deemed deserving, it finally came a-calling during his final days on this earth.  I hope and pray I’ll never witness a death like that again.  At the very end, his poisonous body looked like something out of a horror movie.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.

Joe Chodur

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