689 – 15th St. SE

Last night’s continued rain was causing me to be a little on edge, but at least we didn’t get as much as was predicted.  While driving over Carolina Bridge this afternoon, I did notice the Winnebago River was just a little over its banks.  Thank goodness!

My day was more busy with returning emails and phone calls than normal, along with playing errand boy for others, but did have a little time to do some first of the month accounting.  I do hope September will be as productive as August was.  I can’t thank my clients and customers enough for their continued support of my business.

I was a bit hurt to find one of my past clients and customers having listed with a competitor, but I didn’t dwell on it long, simply because I know I did the best I could during those past listing and selling periods.  Several years ago, I heard that there was something said in one of my articles that this person who jumped ship found offensive.  Well, I guess whatever it was, must’ve been something that was taken completely out of context and likely fueled by a friend or family member.

In my long years of marketing real estate, I’ve found there to be those who want to be cow-towed and sugar coated, so if someone says something that’s blunt and to the point, they take it personally and consider those words mean-spirited.  I have always said, “I’d rather be straight to the point than unctuously two-faced.”  There are far too many people who are that way, and I refuse to be one of them.  Unfortunately there are even those in my profession who’re masters at playing the “I’m your best friend.” game.

Earlier today I had a very soulful chat with an old friend who’s dealing with some problems with his immediate family.  It sounds like he’s got his hands full with one of his siblings who’s on a fast track down into the abyss due to alcohol abuse.  It makes me sad to think someone that young has already fallen so far.  I’m convinced much of today’s rise of alcohol and drug abuse is due to peer pressure and stress.   The stress I speak of, is what many older ones don’t even consider, which is how much harder it is to get ahead because our young have been programmed by our consumer oriented society to believe they must have everything now.  Working, saving, and above all, waiting for something is unheard of and out of mainstream thinking.  I made the suggestion that he soulfully confront his sibling regarding the real reasons for the heavy drinking.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an even bigger problem like chronic depression that’s at the core of it all.

Late this afternoon I listed a home located at 689 – 15th St. SE which is smack dab in the middle of our ever-popular southeast side.  The owner purchased it about ten years ago and since then, added all the more updates.  It offers a delightful floor plan which optimizes the use of the lower level due to there being an open staircase leading down from the kitchen.   It would make a great first home for a single person or young couple.

The owner mentioned that it was only on the market for 12 hours, and already being two offers on it.  We’ll see if there’ll be a repeat happening this time around.  Another great plus was hearing that it didn’t have a drop of water in the basement from the flood of 2008 or 2018.  Now that’s saying something very positive about this home since we’re finding it all the more appropriate for our City having years ago been nicknamed, “River City”.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Let’s make a special effort to stop communicating with each other so we can get back to having real conversations.

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