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If I were not absolutely certain, I would’ve considered today to be one of those Friday the thirteenths were everything wanted to go wrong, and most needing immediate attention.  Because I was so stirred up from a call around mid-morning, I nearly forgot an appointment I had with a seller who wanted me to go out and give a rough estimate on the value of a home he’s thinking about selling.  I’m glad no one was watching because I went into over-drive the moment I remembered that near missed appointment.  Thank goodness he was still there and wasn’t upset over my being over a half hour late.

I took a good look and the home from stem to stern, and I’d say if he does decide to sell it and prices it right, that home will sell quickly.  The main reason it will, is that there’s nearly nothing to do other than move right it.  Having an attached garage will make it all the more appealing to a buyer–especially with winter around the corner.  I do hope he calls me because I’m running a bit low on homes in that price range.

By the time late afternoon rolled around, I found that I’d done a great deal of work inside my office and it now looks all the more presentable.  The small pieces of furniture I purchased at Younkers fit better than I thought after a little re-arranging.  Believe it or not, there’s now more room than there was before and all the more functional.  Yeah!  I made a good choice in buying them.  How many times does it happen when we buy something we think will fit, and when we get it home it doesn’t, and subsequently gets stored or given away.  When re-arranging today, I remembered a trunk I purchased about a year ago which I thought would be a “fit” at my office, but after a week, I was convinced it would be given to a charity or someone wanting it.  Thank goodness a past customer mentioned one day her like of antiques.  I showed it to her, and that was the end of a trunk taking up space in my office.  I believe it was a “meant to be” freebie because it fit perfectly in her trunk to where it was such a tight fit,  we both believed at the time, it would be a no go.

I speak of that trunk as a reminder to everyone regarding “stuff” we have that we either don’t like, and/or will never use.  My strong advise is to give it to someone who’ll appreciate it.  Most of us have way too much “stuff” that can be put to better use in someone else’s home who’s just getting started. There really are people out there that appreciate old things, so don’t dismiss all our young as being of the mindset of having to have everything new.

This afternoon I got into a debate with someone over the concept of work.  Yes, we all know what work is, and there are many mundane jobs we feign from performing.  My statement to him was, “Why is it many of you spend so much time complaining about work without realizing you’re spending more precious time finding excuses not to do it instead of just gittin er done?”  Of course yours truly got  the “look”.  I went on to say, “I personally look at work as an adventure, and when it happens to be something very repetitive, I let my mind freely wander from subject to subject.”  After saying that, I think I managed to get him thinking about how one’s attitude towards work makes all the difference with the end product.  People marvel at great works of art and wonder how one person could create such beauty.  Well, I say it’s all about attitude and perseverance.

The above photo is one I took of the top of an old building in our Downtown.  Since many of us don’t pay enough attention to structural design, I thought it time once again to point out the architectural beauty that right before our eyes, but most often never focus enough to notice.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  At the end of the day, tell yourself gently:  “I love you, you did the best you could today, and even if you didn’t accomplish all you had planned, I love you anyway.”

Joe Chodur

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