Bleak Outlook

This morning’s 56 degrees outdoors was certainly our warning of days to come.  At least the sun was shining and it warmed up to a pleasant upper 70’s.  As long as it stays in the 60’s and 70’s during the day, I’ll be happy because I personally have some things to get finished outdoors, and I’ll not be wanting to be doing it when it’s in the 40’s.

I mentioned to a businessperson Downtown today how it seems every year, there’s less and less concern about the presentation of public areas.  I’m not sure if there aren’t enough city workers, or if they’re slacking off on their jobs.  It’s a good thing I’m not one of the powers that be, because I’d be cracking the whip all the more so to keep our City’s public areas clean and presentable–especially in and around our Historic Downtown.  Because I work in the Downtown, I personally see how many tourists there are walking up and down the streets, and believe you me, I’d be making those areas all the more pleasant.  I’m still bristling over those disgusting pavers Country Landscapes installed not that long ago.  I don’t even want to think how much those worthless things cost the taxpayers.  Somebody made out like a bandit on those poorly designed bricks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they came in on a boat from China or “Hecho en Mexico”.

One of buyers I’ve been working with this week purchased a home today.  As far as I’m concerned, they bought themselves a true diamond in the rough.  The location alone will continue to hold its value, and any well-planned improvements will give them more than a 100% return on their costs.  I said to the buyers after the contract was signed, “I really like your new home, and hearing it coming from “jaded me” should tell you something.”  I’ve seen the work they’ve done on other homes which all the more tells me they’ll make that house shine like a new penny.

My travels took me up to Manly this morning to visit with the owners of 115 W. North.  They’ve very motivated to get their home sold, so they decided to reduce it to $23,500.  Now that’s a bargain!  You can’t even buy a good used car for what that’s going to sell for, and remember, it’s on the “right” side of the tracks.  In about a week, I’ll be listing another one up there, and hopefully that’ll get sold quickly. The big bonus of living in Worth County, is that their high school graduates receive over $6,000 in college assistance.  Now if they’ll be going to NIACC, that should more than pay for tuition, books, and fees for two years.

It looks like my day tomorrow is going to be a busy one, but at least I’m prepared for it.  With September around the corner, I believe there are buyers and sellers now wanting to get themselves situated before the cold and heavy snow arrives.  It’s amazing how this year hasn’t even given us the normal six months of pleasant weather.  Those snow storms in May is what ruined it for us.  Remember how it went from cold to hot?

After visiting with a person who works in the medical field several days ago, I’m all the more convinced we’ll be seeing many more of our young coming down with physical problems that were normally associated with those 20 and 30 years older.  He said the real culprits are the foods they eat and the lack of exercise.  I mentioned how I almost never see young people out putzing in their yards, and especially the men.  He agreed that many young men and women have allowed themselves to slowly grow sedentary to the point where they don’t even realize how inactive they’ve become until the time comes when they really have to do something strenuous, and that’s when there can be un-used muscles pulled and nerves pinched.  His closing words were, “If our young don’t wake up and realize what they’re allowing to happen with their bodies,  I’d say there’s a bleak outlook for their health in their years to come.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.

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