Bad Juju

My day started by traveling out of town to an early morning church service. I hadn’t been to that church for about six months, so I figured it was time for a re-visit.  With it being still so humid out, I wore light clothes including a short sleeve dress shirt which I rarely wear.  It was a pleasant early drive down a nearly vacant roadway.  The corn has sure bounced back with a vengeance when seeing how tall some of those fields are.  The genetic modification of our field corn is all the more noticeable these past years.  Before I arrived at the town, I came upon a big wild turkey foraging along the road. When seeing the size of it, I’d say it was a tom that appeared bigger than life.

Having arrived about ten minutes early, I found a free seat back at the rear of the church. I always have to laugh to myself whenever being in a small village church.  Oft times I find the congregants giving me looks as if I’m from the planet Mars.  It never surprises me when they do that because all the many in those small towns have built psychological walls around their communities of faith.

Not but ten minutes after the service started I realized I’d made a mistake by wearing light clothing because it was growing very cold within.  Several people ahead of me were grabbing long-sleeved tops to cover themselves.  Those freezing temps must be a normal occurrence since they’d thought ahead and brought wraps.  There was a mother with a young son who arrived a few minutes late, and when looking down at her son, I discovered he was eating a toasted slice of white bread with an abundance of cinnamon and sugar on it. I thought it was odd that she’d let him bring it into church.  Seeing that buttered toast with cinnamon and sugar on it sure brought back fond memories.

The sermon was beyond weak to where I had all I could do to keep from falling asleep.  It appeared to me the pastor hadn’t prepared for the service and was winging it.  I could see he must’ve had something else to do after church because he was rushing everything along.  Not to worry, I managed to make it worth my while in spite of my being exceptionally cold and a bit bored.

After I got back to the City, I made a few follow-up phone calls to clients and customers and then changed me clothes and went to work at a few of my lingering projects.  As much as I don’t like using sprays, I found I had to re-spray some nasty bushes that started growing again after I’d already sprayed them about a month ago with brush killer.  Hopefully the second soaking will do the trick.  Several of them were those nasty European Buckthorns.  The day someone invents a miniature stump grinder that’s built to last, will likely become a millionaire overnight.  The hand-held ones I’ve seen are worthless.

While visiting with a customer today, we somehow got on the subject of homes that have negative energies in them.  I spoke about a home I showed in Clear Lake several years ago to a long-term client/customer.  It was a big house that was built prior to 1900 which intrigued him enough to insist on me showing it to him for reasons that seemed far-fetched at the time.  Well, I must confess, I was in that house for not even five minutes, and I could “feel” there was some sort of force that was making me uncomfortable.  Of course we had to crawl all thru the house just because he wanted to see every nook and cranny.  Because I knew he wasn’t going to buy it, he must’ve noticed my irritability which incited him to stay all the longer simply to annoy me.

While we were up in the attic, I started getting kicking back by saying, “See that rocking chair over there? Well, wouldn’t you have a scare if after everything is out and you take possession of this monstrosity, you’re awakened in the night by the sound of it squeaking back and forth from above?”  I could tell he didn’t appreciate the visuals I supplied.  Wicked me even mentioned something off-worldly about a few items we found in the basement.  Even though it was a morning appointment, after I walked out of that frightful house, I felt as though all my energy had been sucked out of me.

After all these years, I can attest there are houses in North Iowa that have some really bad juju in them which many buyers aren’t aware of, and/or refuse to acknowledge and address.  I said to my customer today, “If anyone would get me started telling my filterless stories regarding bad juju and entities in houses, they’d likely be listening to me for hours.”  As I’ve said before, “There are many who know there are unexplainable happenings going on in their homes, but refuse to talk about them for fear of being considered lunatics.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government only when it deserves it.

Joe Chodur

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