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If today wasn’t a “whoosh” day, I don’t know what could possibly considered one. From the time I arrived at the office, it was a rush to get appointments made and phone calls returned before I had to head over to Clear Lake for a scheduled real estate class.  Since Realtors like many other professionals, have continuing education requirements that have to be met, and it was my time again.  It never fails whenever I have to be away from my office for an extended period, there are all the more calls requiring near immediate action.

Thank goodness I left the office early enough to get there since the road work being done both here and in Clear Lake, managed to slow me down by about 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, the place where the classes were being held, was on the other side of the lake.

I did manage to get there just in the nick of time so to get checked in and find a remaining seat.  The instructor whom I’ve had in the past is interesting, but having to endure those hours of familiar topics I’ve hear for a number of years, I find it all the more tedious.  Thank goodness we had more question and answer time which helped the hours pass more quickly.  I know some of the other agents were likely considering me a “smarty pants” when able to quickly answer some of the questions thrown out to the class, but they didn’t realize that many of the rules and regulations regarding real estate have long been burned into my memory banks.

Several of the topics discussed helped to remind me of options and alternatives available with real estate contract law.  Some of his case studies made me wonder how some agents allow such nonsense to take place with their clients and customers.  I sent them down as being examples of the blind leading the blind.  I also brought up several actions that some of the agents in our area are performing which lead sellers to believe things that are not true.  With there being a few agents from our area in attendance, I do hope they get the word out about giving mis-leading information to the general public.

While talking about the weather during break, one of the agents informed me that the meteorologists are now saying that the haze that’s in our skies is coming from those raging fires in California to where they’re giving air quality indexes each day.  Those fires must be far worse than one could ever imagine after hearing North Iowa’s air quality is being affected by it.  The sad part about it, is having heard at least one of them was the work of an arsonist.  Any person willfully destroying something belonging to Mother Nature should be punished to the full extent of the law–with no exceptions!

Early this morning I visited with an agent about a recent sale, and the names of a seller came up.  I couldn’t help but interject, “The husband is a distant blood relative of mine.”  Of course the agent didn’t leave it at that by asking, “How is he related?”  I had to put on my thinking cap for a few seconds and then said, “My great-grandfather’s niece was his great-great-grandmother.”  Now the creepy part starts.  About 25 years ago I worked on and off with his aunt, and during that time I mentioned to her how she bore such a striking resemblance to my sister.  She always laughed it off as being just another example of everyone having a non-related look-alike.  Well, one day years later, her father said to me, “My grandmother told me more than once that I was somehow related to your.”  When he told me who his grandmother was, the family tree on that side so far back became all the more clear in my mind.  Perhaps two years ago, I ran into his daughter and spoke of the times I mentioned her reminding me of my sister, and of course she’d already been brought up to speed by her father.  After a little laugh and then a smile she said, “You sure know how to spot bloodlines!”  Don’t look for any likenesses to me in the above photo because they’re not my blood relatives.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.

Joe Chodur

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