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I arrived at my office all the sooner than normal since I had an early appointment to show a home which meant I had to get my open house signs out beforehand.  Most of the general public haven’t a clue about how much busier some Realtors are on weekends than they are during the week.  Often times when being asked about contacting me, buyers or sellers will say, “I guess I’ll have to call you on Monday”.  After that being said, I’m quick to remind them that my hours of business coincide with the immediate needs of clients and customers.

My early morning showing took me out to a two story stucco home located on 5th Street SE which had been drastically reduced to $50K.  Oh Mercy!  I had not been in that for well over a year, and in that time, continued neglect and damage from the elements have visibly taken their toll on it.  And to think that house was quite the beauty in its day.  In some respects, it resembles the Egloff House which was moved to the Downtown several years ago.

I’m pretty sure it was built by R. P. Hansen who was a “top drawer” builder in his day.  After walking thru it, I’d say hope still remains in getting it back in shape, but the huge drawback is that it’s on a major highway which is busy nearly all of our daylight hours.  Since it has a single driveway, there’s no way to drive in and drive out.  Backing out onto Hwy 122 can be quite the chore.  As far as I’m concerned, all of the homes on that particular stretch should be moved or torn down so to create a green space barrier between the highway and the other existing homes in those subdivisions.  Due to being right on a busy highway, it would be the last place I’d want to live.

My second appointment took me out to 40 Lakeview Drive which I always consider a treat.  Every time I get near that beautiful lake, I internally wish everyone would have the resources to live on a body of water.  I’m of the belief that if we all did, there’d be far  less discord in society.  How can anyone have an attitude living at the water’s edge 365 days a year?  The buyers appeared very interested, and I got one of those “creepy good” feelings that they’re going to be the new owners.  Since the husband is fully familiar with structure, they found no glaring issues with it.  As I tell everyone, “It’s in a fabulous location, and has great bones.”  I was happy to find them of the mindset being, “When you’ve worked hard all your life, there comes a time to start enjoying the fruits of your labors.”

My late morning appointment was to meet a buyer at my office so to write an offer on a home.  Since it’s my buyer’s first-time home purchase, I made sure all the facets and processes were fully explained.  I’m in hopes everything was made clear enough, but if not, I was quick to mention I’m only a cell phone call away.

After we had everything ironed out regarding the offer, we ended up on the subject of health care.  I found the buyer and myself to be of similar mindsets regarding the way our health care system is being run in the United States.  Too many doctors think they’re gods and know more about their patients than the patients themselves which I believe is hogwash.  We both shared not so pleasant experiences we’ve had over the years which could’ve easily been avoided if only our “know it all” doctors had been listening and really cared about our health and welfare.  I’ve always had this “gift/curse” ability of knowing when someone is paying me lip service.  We both came to the conclusion that whenever dealing with health care professionals, we must always remember it’ll be a “for profit” encounter.

My public open house was a great success where there were people coming and going the entire time.  One of them was still looking around far past the closing time.  Again, that home is a mid-century beauty that’s got good bones, a big lot, abundant square footage, and now all the more, priced to sell at $69,900.

Today’s photo is one of Mother Nature’s smallest birds, but very big on beauty.  Every time I see one in motion, triggers wide smiles within.  Can you imagine what it would be like if humans could fly in such a fashion?

Tonight’s unequivocally true one-liner is:  Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.

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