Nobody’s Forcing You

I found myself a bit tardy with getting first of the month accounting done, and likely the only thing I can accredit such laziness to, is this steamy hot weather.  It was actually quite pleasant this morning, but as the sun was climbing higher, it quickly grew hot.  Some of the people I interact with on a daily basis were also a bit on the crabby side today.  I’m sure they’re just as frustrated with this humidity and heat as everyone else is.

Trying to get some bids out of contractors these past weeks has been like pulling teeth.  I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to stay out of this heat.  I personally don’t mind it as long as I’m not working in direct sunlight.  I know you’ll think me wicked when saying it, but a large percentage of today’s outdoor workers have serious weight problems, so if you consider them having to carry around another 50 to 100 pounds in this heat, then their laziness is understandable.

If I can find them, I’ll have to share some photos that were being thrown away during a clean-out of an estate home a number of years ago.  The two I found most interesting were photos of the construction of a home back around the turn of the century.  Whenever looking at them, I’m quickly reminded how times sure have changed.  The workers all had hand tools, bib overalls, wide-brimmed hats, and certainly looking like they were in need of good home-cooked meals.  Yes, construction back then was very labor intensive due everything having to be done by hand.  In spite of that fact, many of those homes are still standing sturdy, stately, and strong today.

Later this afternoon, I went out to inspect a home that was built somewhere around 1915  to 1920.  What surprised me the most, was there being little or no settling of the home after the passing of 100+ years.  Of course it was built out of old growth lumber which has far more strength than today’s lumber coming from tree farms.  What impressed me the most was the amount of quarter-sawn oak that was used for all the woodwork and floors.  It all needs a good refinishing since the varnish has turned dark, but at least none  of the woodwork was painted except the kitchen and bath.  I don’t know why, but I rarely if ever find an original kitchen or bath unpainted.  The layers upon layers of paint have nearly distorted the style of the trim in the one I was inspecting.  Oh well, there’ll be some industrious buyer who’ll jump at the chance to own that beauty.  It’s location, size, and quality of construction will certainly bring many potential buyers to the scene.

After visiting with another colleague about a situation with a recent failed attempt at selling another agent’s home, I had to re-assure him what that other agent was telling him wasn’t anywhere near being normal protocol.  I know I may be sounding a bit crotchety, but there are some juniors in our midst who seem to like creating rules as they go along.  Situational ethics has never been, or ever will be my cup of tea.  I chided him for not challenging the actions of that competing Realtor.  After today’s little chat, I believe if necessary, he’ll be all the more aggressive when it comes to making others follow standards in our industry.  I reminded him that in all aspects of life, naughty monkeys will continue committing wrongful deeds as long as they can get away with them.

I’m hoping everyone is enjoying the fireworks out at the fairgrounds this week.  I didn’t look to see when it’s over, but there’s sure been a great number of pops and bangs this week.  It’s good to see they returned once again to Mason City for their convention which prompts me to insist Mason City does have many good things going for it, so whenever nay-sayers get in your face, just smile and soulfully say to them, “Nobody’s forcing you to live here.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

Joe Chodur

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