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We were warned about the humidity levels today, and it certainly came to pass.  And of course with high heat and humidity, we find temperaments a bit shorter and words said that should have gone unspoken.  I’ll never understand how people who live in the South and Southeastern areas of our country can deal with it on a daily basis.  One of my dear old friends who grew up in Louisiana once mentioned how no matter if it was winter or summer, the humidity was always hanging there.  All I think of whenever someone mentions a number of those States are all the trees with that creepy looking moss growing on them, along their on-going battles with fire ants.  In spite it being miserably humid today, I would still take it over this past winter’s crazy weather.

I was out of the office quite a bit today on appointments along with running errands.  One of the stops I had to make was to check on the unit at Prairie Place on 1st which closed mid-afternoon today.  Every time I’m in that building, I’m always exceptionally impressed by the quality of construction and above all, how quiet it is within.  No matter what vacant unit I’m in, I can’t hear the traffic outside which is a very good thing.

Just before closing, I met the buyers at their new unit so they could do their final walk-thru.  As chance would have it, they’re the ones who purchased my all-time favorite.  It wasn’t but a few days after it went under contract that a buyer who’d looked at it several times called asking about it.  I had to break the news gently because I believe they thought the unit was going to wait for them.  The delightful couple that closed on it today will be yet another addition to that wonderful group of seniors.

Now that we’re down to ten units left out of the original 32, I’ll wager once the number drops to single digits, those that have been circling will finally come to land, and once they’re all sold, there’ll be those who’ll be wishing they’d purchased when they had an opportunity.

I know a handful of people who purchased elsewhere, and I can assure you they’ll be sorry they did as time passes.  I personally know several of those couples, and am still wondering why they purchased elsewhere, because without a doubt, Prairie Place on 1st would’ve given them a softer landing for their golden years.

The twin homes are rising in popularity, but when you step back and look at the whole picture, there’s really not much being gained.  They still have to take care of them like they’re stand-alone houses, so if having your lawn mowed and snow shoveled means that much, you might just as well have stayed put in your homes and hired lawn and snow removal services.  The really big difference is the fact that living somewhere like Prairie Place, you can be as social as you want, or as private as you want and everyone understands.  The winter months is when loneliness hits the hardest, and I can guarantee the residents at Prairie Place on 1st feel it’s effects the least.

In that old album that was given to me several years ago by a client, I found the above photo which speaks of the hardships endured by those generations who came before us.  The wrinkles on his face were likely from all those many years out in the elements attempting to provide a better life for his family.  Whenever I’m walking thru a home or building that’s over 100 years old, I sometimes wish their walls could speak so to share a few of their favorite stories.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  A good upbringing means not that you won’t spill sauce on the tablecloth, but that you won’t notice it when someone else does.

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