Like a Goat

The meteorologist said we’re going to be getting rain again starting tonight.  While in the grocery store this evening, one of my past clients mentioned that we’re supposed to receive somewhere in the area of two inches which could be nasty if it all comes down at once.  A little bit at a time would be much better for our already over-abundance of moisture. I had to smile when someone said about a week ago that when flying from Minneapolis to Mason City and looking down, our countryside appeared akin to Ireland.  Since I’ve not yet visited Ireland, I’ll have to look for the comparison should I ever have the opportunity.  She asked me if I had any Irish in me and my knee-jerk response was, “Oh I believe all of us have a drop or two of the “Old Sod” in our veins.”

My morning was spent doing some much needed yard work.  I’ve found that if I don’t get it taken care of on the weekend, it most often has to wait until the following, and the way in which the grass has been growing, it’s not an easy task trying to mow a two week old growth.  And then comes the on-going issues with weeds and brush. I finally had to break down and buy a bottle of brush killer to put a stop to the continued re-growth of some unwanted bushes.  Of course they were my bushes and not someone else’s.  I’ve heard enough downright mean-spirited stories about people thinking they have the license to kill their neighbor’s bushes and/or trees simply because they consider them unacceptable in their eyes, along with giving weak excuses of them blocking their “views”.   In these times we are seeing all the more tribalism where the righteous can justify just about any actions they take against others of un-like minds.

My public open house was a great success today.  I wasn’t alone nearly the entire time which always makes those two hours pass all the more quickly.  One of the couples that was there began talking about their miniature Schnauzer.  Of course my memory banks kicked in and the “reels” started playing in my mind.  I finally said, “I think Schnauzers are the most lovable of the small breeds because of their temperaments.”  You just can’t help but want one because of all their little non-dog chatter and mannerisms.  I still think they look like rabbits hopping when running, and their vocalizations sometimes sounds almost like a garbled human’s voice.

As they were walking out, the wife said, “She’s out in the car if you want to see her.”  I was right behind without a second thought.  When she open the door, there stood the black princess.  Oh Mercy!  What an adorable dog!  Her fur was shimmering black and soft as silk.  After my little dog “chat” and numerous hugs, I finally waved good-bye.  Seeing and playing with that beauty was the highlight of my day.  While walking back into the condo I began wondering why more people don’t own miniature Schnauzers.  They really are wonderful house dogs.

After my open house, I had to quickly get my signs picked up and make haste to an appointment to show four homes. Since I wasn’t under any time constraints, I made sure the buyer took all the time needed in each home.  While driving from one home to the next, we happened on the subject of chewing gum which has never been my cup of tea.    All the times I’ve tried keeping it in my mouth, I’ve always found it to create a nervousness of sorts with me.  We then spoke about not being able to chew it in school, and then wicked me had to mention how irritating it was for me to watch an employee at the bank chewing gum while working.  After seeing her nearly every day, I finally said to an associate, “I swear Trudy chews gum like a goat!”  Oh how the laughs started after saying that, but of course what made it even worse was his response, “You know Mr. Chodur, she really does look like a goat chewing gum.”

The craziest of discoveries I found when returning to my office was seeing a big glob of pink gum that someone had run over at my curbside.  And yes, I find it absolutely disgusting whenever finding chewed gum discarded on public streets and sidewalks.  We all know how difficult it is to get off the bottoms of shoes, as well as off sidewalks.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Trees are the endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.

Joe Chodur

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