Y’all Come Back Now

It couldn’t have been a more pleasant last day of July where the sun was shining, the birds singing, and the temperatures moderate. Now if every day would be as such for the remainder of our season, I’ll be very forgiving with Mother Nature for the poundings we received thus far this year.

My morning appointment was with an executor to have a look at the progress she’s been making on getting her parent’s home cleaned out so to get it listed. It’s always so sad when children living so far away can’t take more time to go thru personal effects. It was learned very quickly how little interest there is in collectables and antiques in our area. Most grandchildren have no interest in those things, and the children pretty much have everything they want, so in the end, most of it goes in a dumpster, and the rest to local charities with second-hand store outlets.

Thank goodness they took my advice regarding the removal of the old carpeting in the living and dining rooms. After peeling back a corner, we discovered some fine looking oak floors. I believe once everything is completely out, the home will show well and hopefully sell quickly. It’s going to be priced to sell, and I’m hoping it’ll be purchased by an owner-occupant rather than an investor. It’s been in their family for I believe around 50 years. If it gets cleaned up, it’ll be on the market in a week or less. The key features are its welcoming front porch, charming open staircase, and of course oak floors. I already have an industrious young couple in mind for it.

One of my little jobs was to go out looking for a remnant of carpet for a bedroom in one of my listings. The owner decided to have its stained carpet removed and replaced with something new. I managed to find a piece that would fit, as well as match up with the other carpet in the home, so I went ahead and ordered it for the sellers.

While I was out there, I got a good look at all the manufactured floorings that’s on the market today. Wow! I didn’t realize it’s evolved to the point it has. What I was looking at was a far cry from the cheap crap I’ve been used to seeing at Menards. The thing that bothered me the most, was seeing all the different sizes, and styles stamped, “Made in China”. If our Country doesn’t get back to business and start manufacturing products here, we will indeed become a vassal state of the People’s Republic of China. Seems everyone’s on the bandwagon to “Make America Great”, but don’t realize there’s a whole lot of back-tracking to do before that happens. First and foremost, we absolutely must get our industries re-repatriated within our borders.

Every time I even think about the exodus of all those companies from North Iowa to Mexico and beyond, I continue considering it nothing more than away to fill the coffers of the corporate elite so they could retire early with golden parachutes, and later laugh about the ways in which they plundered their companies. If our economy starts turning sour, they’ll be the first to start squealing like piggies, but the last to help fix what they helped to break. Be sure to watch for that documentary I spoke about called, “Generation Wealth”.

While I was out looking at a small section of land this afternoon, I left my car at the side of the road so to have a better look, and while walking back, I noticed something moving near my vehicle. Oh Mercy! There stood two wild turkeys that must’ve wandered out of the woods. As soon as they saw me, they high-tailed it across the road into another patch of woods. They made me smile, so I hollered after them, “Y’all come back now.”

Tonight’s one-liner is: When you practice gratefulness, there becomes a lasting respect for others.

Joe Chodur

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