Light Switch Love

Not much progress was made in the world of real estate today.  It seems there are always those days throughout the year when the market goes into a funk.  It sounds like a few other agents have had similar situations where they couldn’t get buyers and sellers to come together on prices. What’s comforting about these days, is knowing that they’re all part of a cycle.

I believe part of the reason so many personalities are on edge, is because of these prolonged hot and humid days.  I can certainly tell we’re on the downward slide of summer when seeing heavy dew on the grass in the morning which tells us our overnight temperatures are starting to drop.  For sure, I’ll be glad when I can say “goodbye” to the year 2018, which is mostly due to the erratic weather we’ve been having.

After a short phone conversation today with a young buyer, I’m growing all the more disturbed and concerned about where those tried and true rules of home buying have gone.  I couldn’t help but mention to a colleague today that far too many of our younger crowd concern themselves with nothing else other than work, playing with their social media gadgets, watching television, eating, making whoopee, and sleeping.  I even went on to say how they can’t seem to “get it”, that all those many hundreds of hours wasted in their youth can never be given back.

It’s pretty scary when seeing all these able-bodied young people doing little or nothing to create for themselves, think for themselves, and above all, learn for themselves.  While writing this, I was reminded of something I discovered many years ago about a certain foreign language which really doesn’t have a word for “learning”.  Their word for learning translates more like, “to teach oneself”.  When you think about it, that’s really more of an accurate definition.  We all pretty much learn ourselves because no matter how much someone attempts to teach us, we’ll never fully understand until we’ve taught it back to ourselves.

Believe it or not, there are people who teach themselves in backward fashions.  They’re the ones who look at the wholeness of something and then begin peeling back each layer, learning it, and then moving down to the next until they’ve reached its core.  For most of us, we look at the whole picture and then begin our learning processes at the core, and then begin working upwards.

Whenever I read about some great mind having been a poor student, I think, “Ah. He/She was another one of those reverse learners.  For those select few, what’s upside-down for us, is right-side up for them.  I speak of these things so to make people aware that we all don’t solve problems and learn in the same fashion, so be a little more understanding whenever thinking someone has a weak mind incapable of learning.

When visiting with a client today, out of curiosity I asked about the relationship of a couple we both know.  Not that it really mattered to me, but their names popped into my mind so I figured I’d ask.  I had to laugh when he answered, “That relationship of theirs is a classic example of light switch love, where one week or two they’re together, and the next they’re back living separately until one day you’ll see him carrying his tooth brush back over to her house.”  For sure I’ve never before heard such an expression, but it really does fit.  I’ll have to replace my expression for his which is, “They’re not in love, but rather more in lust.”

It looks like we’re going to be having a stormy night, so make sure to get all your hatches buttoned down.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Horse droppings are not figs.

Joe Chodur

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    A very nice article, Joe. Wish I was wasting my time making ‘whoopee’! Did you get a new vehicle or get yours all fancied up? I looked at the pictures of that house on 16th near me and took a look at it and you are correct, there are possibilities there! It’ll take some work, but it could be real nice. Keep rocking, Jo Cho.