Fish without Nets

Those were quite the episodes of rain we had today weren’t they?  The one earlier this morning sent it down in sheets.  Alas the clouds are starting to clear off allowing the sun to peek thru.  I may sound a bit negative, but I’ll be glad when this funky year of weather is over, along with hopes of never seeing another year like it again.  After someone complained today about the amount of water seeping into his basement I finally said, “You’ve forgotten about the amount of rain we’ve received so far this year, and back when we had the flooding, many believe that in some of our City’s districts, it was markedly worse that the flood of 2008, and yours truly can personally attest to that.”  I also mentioned how the water table is higher than normal.  Here we are past mid-July and we’re getting storms that are akin those we’d normally get in Spring and early Summer.

I’m hoping there’ll be a great number of lookers at my open house this Saturday which will be at 929 N. Madison.  There’s been a great deal of activity on it already, so hopefully it’ll have a “SOLD” sign on it soon.  As I mentioned, it’s located on a very picturesque street which always helps with the visuals when going and coming home from work.

A perfect opportunity arrived today when a colleague mentioned something about some gossip that another had relayed.  My colleague said, “Why would he even tell me something like that when he knew I’d be internally angered by it.”  My perfect response was, “He’s one of those who carries fire in one and and water in another.”  They start trouble by spreading hurtful gossip, and then when it starts getting too hot, they so cleverly cool it down with their watery words of consolation.  I also added, “I steer as far away from people like him just so to avoid listening to such trash talk.”

Normally, I could care less what journalist and/or people in the public write in letters to editors, but after reading a scathing article of late, I did my own personal research on the character of that author who penned those poisonous words.  It came as no surprise to find some very interesting facts about him to where I finally came to the conclusion that he’s the type who works very hard at pulling everyone else down to his sinkhole level.  I’m a great proponent of freedom of speech, but definitely not agreeable to people freely trashing others in our medias just to make themselves look good.  I mentioned to another today about a statement a person made about how I manage to stay so slim.  I kiddingly said, “I get up really early in the morning and read the news, and then I go puke a few times.”  She then responded with a laugh, “Well, I guess that’s another way of keeping the weight off.”  I later hoped she did understand I was only joking.

With the Federal Reserve raising the interest rates today, I’d say there’ll be all the more prospective home buyers on a burn to get themselves situated in new homes before they go up again.  I did mention to a charming young couple several days ago that it’s in their best interest to check with more than one bank when out shopping for a loan.  Most of our area banks’ interest rates are pretty much in line with each other, but their closing costs can be markedly different to where buyers are having to come up with hundreds of dollars more out of pocket.  Shopping for a loan is very similar to visiting various dealerships offering the same makes and models of vehicles.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There will always be those amongst us who prefer catching fish without nets.

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