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Thank goodness for the cooling temperatures.  I was beginning to think the heat was going to be with us into perpetuity.  When I mentioned something to a secretary this morning about our reprieve, she said, “No matter anyone thinks, I still love summer.”  Of course she added, “I could do without the humidity.”  I was fully on the same page with her regarding her hatred of winter and love of summer.  She also went on to say how she bristles whenever someone starts talking about Christmas months earlier.  It’s kinda scary knowing that exactly six months from now we’ll be living in the height of the cold and darkness.  Ugh!  I don’t even want to think about it.

Several of my little chores today were to go on hunting expeditions for a replacement basement toilet for one that happened to get bumped and broken, along with finding a locksmith shop that could make a copy of an old key.  It’s amazing how much time a person can spend in running around town in search of something.  Fortunately, I did manage to get those requests filled so I could move on with my work day.

I was exceptionally angry with myself for not canceling an appointment on one of my listings yesterday.  The other Realtor sent a text to me, and with umpteen other interruptions, I forgot about it.  I couldn’t have apologized enough to my seller. I rarely have things like that happen, which made me all the more disgusted with myself for forgetting to make the call.  Oh well, we all make mistakes, but they still burn when they happen.

One of my showing today was at my recent new listing at 628 N. Harrison.  Shortly after meeting the young buyers at the property, I fell in great “like” with them to the point I mentioned several times during the showing, “I wish I could have the two of you cloned.”  They likely thought me to be sucking up to them, but in fact, they reminded me of what young couples were like 20 years ago when looking for their first home.  Those buyers have vision, not afraid to work, and above all, want to live comfortably within their means.  Now if all “yell” breaks loose with our economy, they’ll be the survivors of any type of financial collapse.  One of them even talked about having a vegetable garden in that giant rear yard.  When I encounter young people like them, it gives me all the more hope for out future.

Late this afternoon I met with a seller to list his home located at 929 N. Madison Ave. here in Mason City.  The reason he’s selling is that he’s moved out of town to be closer to work and family.  It’s an absolutely charming 3+ bedroom brick home that’s located on one of our City’s handsome streets.  There’s been many updates over the years including the addition of a family room off the dining room, a big two stall garage, and a framed out basement that’s ready for drywall.  It even offers a paved alley out back which means no fighting with gravel.  I listed it at $98,500 which I believe is competitively priced for the area.  I’ll have it posted online early tomorrow morning for your viewing.

One of my dear elderly clients stopped by today for a long over-due visit.  Every time he stops, he always tells a story about his youth.  Today’s story was about staying with his mother at his aunt’s home in Clinton when young.  From his detailed description, I could almost picture in my mind what her house must’ve looked like.  What made me smile, was his recollection of mowing and shoveling her home that was perched on a small hill.  “Believe it or not.” he said.  “There were 22 wide steps from the sidewalk, all the way up to her front door, and boy were they wicked in the winter!”   I could only imagine what he must’ve looked like back in the 1930’s shoveling snow and ice off those steps.  I believe those 22 steps helped to give him all the more character.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  He who eats fire, craps sparks.

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