Fifty Shades of Green

At least the rain we had this afternoon brought the temperatures down to comfortable levels once again.  Yesterday was an absolute beast with the heat and humidity.  It seemed like it just didn’t want to get cooler, even long after the sun went down.  Those nasty biting flies seem all the more in numbers this year to where they’re even in the Downtown.  Many of our dog owners who leave their dogs outside have also mentioned how wicked those flies have been with their canines this year.  Several weeks ago something small and black with winds bit me above my eyebrow, and man did I ever get a welt that didn’t want to go away.  I think it was one of those small black face flies that drive horses crazy during the summer.  If it was one of them, I’ll have to chalk their bite up along with fleas as being welt producers.  It’s interesting how we humans have sensitivities to certain things that don’t seem bother others.  In time, we’re going to be finding all the more physiological quirks we’ve inherited from our parents which created our own genetic pre-dispositions–be they good or bad.

I wasn’t that busy with real estate today other than making appointments, meeting with an appraiser, and running errands.  With it being a little slower at the office, afforded me time to get some chores done.  The first on my list was to get rid of a calculator that hasn’t been working right, and replacing it with an older, but far more reliable one.  I also did an inventory on my office supplies, and then we out and purchased what was needed to re-stock.  It’s absolutely amazing how much paper a real estate office goes thru in a year’s time.  Most of the use comes from making sure no one leaves my office without a copy of whatever documents they’ve signed.  Since our listings are now digitalized, I always have to print out copies for prospective buyers to review.  All I can say is that if and/or when something catastrophic happens with cloud computing, we’re all going to be a a whole lot of hurt.

Late this afternoon while at the grocery store, I got a much needed laugh when visiting with a client/customer whom I’ve known for a very long time.  She had her son with her and for some reason he didn’t remember me until I reminded him of the times I would tease him a little bit.  I couldn’t help being naughty by telling them a story I was told several years ago by an overnight grocery clerk, saying there was a time or two he would catch some crazy lady going down the canned goods aisles and randomly picking up the cans and licking their tops.  The look on both their faces was classic!  She finally asked, “For real?” I had to insist that if I was lying, then I was told a fictitious story.  I did wink at them and say, “Now I know why my mother would always clean the tops of canned goods before opening them.”  Mothers always seem to have that sixth sense about things that most of us take for granted.  If I remember it tomorrow, I’ll have to share a story about rats that was told to me by a client today.

While driving back from my appointment in Lake Mills yesterday evening, I couldn’t help but notice how vibrant green the countryside appeared.  Some patches looked almost florescent.  For a painter to capture the real essence of those landscapes, there would likely be fifty shades of green paint being prepared in order to capture what I was seeing.  Whenever seeing something so beautiful, how could anyone believe there is no higher power capable of creating such masterpieces.

Don’t forget about my public open house tomorrow.  It’s the perfect first-time buyer home.  It’s now reduced and all the more ready to sell.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Never believe anyone who carries fire in one hand and water in the other.

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