Absolutely No Returns

Another hot and humid day in North Iowa came and went, and hopefully we’ll be getting some reprieve from it when the rain arrives tomorrow.  I’ve been noticing the cornfields these last couple days, and it looks like there’s going to be some high yields this fall considering how well it’s growing.  As all the farmers know, hot and humid weather is the best condition for good corn growth, and even better growing takes place when the night temperatures are above average.

Part of my day was spent with an inspector while inspecting a recent purchase of one of my listings.  I wasn’t there all the time because I had phone calls to return during that time, so I was in and out before it was completed.   There’s one last inspection tomorrow, and hopefully everything will be acceptable to the buyers.  I internally bristle sometimes when buyers come back and ask for the most minor and inexpensive repairs to be made.  I’ll wager there isn’t a new home built that I couldn’t find at least something that wasn’t done completely up to standards, which should be a reminder to everyone buying “used” homes that have their own little “honey-do” lists.

Having a little free time today, I made sure to give my dear friend a call since I hadn’t had time to play catch up with her for several months.  All sounded well on her side of the fence, while I brought her up to speed with what’s been happening with me since our last visit.  It’s alway good to have one or two un-related people of like minds with whom we can freely exchange thoughts and ideas.  As far as I’m concerned, it helps to keep us from turning into “islands” of thought.  I’m glad I made the call because it’s always refreshing to hear another’s un-filtered opinions.

One of my dear old clients is planning on selling her home in the near future, so I’ve been spending a little time with her while going over the process of selling.  Since it’s been a number of years since she’s sold a home, I thought it best to give her a refresher on procedure and timelines.  We happened on the subject of those few in our midst who work at taking advantage of the elderly.  Every time I even think someone is taking advantage of an overly-trusting senior, I become very vocal.  There’s been more times than I want to remember when I’ve been in the faces of those who were attempting to get a free financial ride.  My dear one said, “I’ll never understand why people do such things to us old people.”  I reminded her as I’ve done with others, “We live in different times now, and there are those growing numbers who’d rather freely take, than do an honest day’s work.”  Just remember, we live in the “Now” times where most have no desire  to wait and work for something they want.

Before heading home, I stopped at Younkers to see if there was anything still left that would fit my tastes.  What surprised me, were the number of people I knew strolling thru the store.  Of course my planned fifteen minutes in and out, ended up being well over an hour.  I did manage to find several pieces of clothing that looked like they’d fit, so I purchased them in hopes that they will because their sign clearly said, “Absolutely NO Returns.”  Oh well, if they don’t, they’ll be gifted to Salvation Army or Affordables.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Small people always try to belittle your ambitions, but the really great, make you feel that you too can become great.

Joe Chodur

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