Size Distortion

If there’s anything I find exceptionally disgusting, is whenever seeing people wandering the streets early in the morning checking the curbsides, outdoor cigarette cans, and waste bins for discarded butts that have a few more drags left in them.  This morning there was a man and a woman going up and down each side of the street, picking them up, and placing them in a pouch.  I normally don’t pay much attention to people wandering about, but seeing such a sight, was almost like going to a carnival and watching a freak show.  There’s no question I believe God loves us all great and small, but whenever seeing such happenings, makes me all the more thankful for not being pulled down into one of those dark metaphysical pits that often times offer no exit doors.

Seeing that sight today made me think of that special edition of Time Magazine which so graphically showed real life-threatening cases of people who were addicted to opioids.  The photos were enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.  I didn’t realize how much the first responders were also affected by their daily encounters with people who’d overdosed.  Some they were able to save, while others they couldn’t.  It was all the more sad reading about the post-traumatic stress disorders afflicting those who were there to help save those people.  And we thought PTSD only afflicted those who were on the front lines of wars.  Yes, we have a serious problem in our country, and I’m not sure when it’s all going to end.

Most of my morning was spent putzing with little to-do’s both in and outside my office.  I did take time to visit with a delightful young couple whom I sold a home to several years ago.  I only wish there were more living here just like them.  I noticed they were outside when I went to check on one of my listings, so I figured it was time to stop and say “Hey”.  I didn’t realize they installed an above ground swimming pool in their back yard where they were happily enjoying it.  They’re a perfect example of people who’ve learned to enjoy the simple things in life because they stay pretty close to home when not at work.

My public open house at 903 – 12th St. NW was a success to where there were people coming and going nearly the entire time.  The look on everyone’s faces when walking into that super-deluxe 3 stall garage were worthy of photos.  There’s no question whomever purchases that home will soon grow spoiled by having a heated garage during our winter months.  Nearly all of them said the home looked bigger on the inside that what it appeared from the street.  The reason for that is the size of that tall pine tree out front.  Big trees make houses look smaller–especially when they’re close to a structure. I was reminded of that when a mail carrier mentioned how much bigger a home on his route now looks after two monster trees were removed.  I call it “size distortion”.

Our evening hours are going to be exceptionally pleasant with these cooling breezes we’re getting. On my way home, I noticed a number of people walking and biking on the bike trail out on the west side of our City. That trail gets used all the more each and every year. Wishing you all a restful evening.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

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