Man Bites

Alas this hectic day has come to a close.  It was topsy-turvy to the point that if you would ask me everything that happened, I’d likely miss a few memorable events.  Oh well, I’m over Monday and happy for it.

I do want to mention to everyone that 1104 – 16th St. NE is now officially vacant and all the more easy to show.  Now that I’ve taken new photos of it and placed them online, perhaps it will spur some good interest.  I still cannot believe that someone hasn’t snapped it up before now.  You can’t even buy a new pickup truck for what they’re asking for it.  If I had the choice between a shiny new vehicle and that diamond in the rough, I’d take that home in a heartbeat and not even think twice.

I was visiting with several people today about the un-sustainability of all the many of our young buyers.  Just as an example, there was a young twenty-something couple who decided they wanted to buy instead of rent.  They likely think they have the world by the tail, when in fact, due to their staggering new debt loads, they’re a paycheck or two away from getting sucked down a very dark financial hole.  We all know there are lessons to be learned the hard way, but when seeing young people purposefully maxing out their debt to income ratios, I shake my head wondering, “Why?”.

I’m absolutely all for the “step-up” buyers who’ve created good equity from their first homes because they worked hard, and saved even harder for homes they truly deserve to own.  Those are their rewards for being thrifty.  Several days ago I encountered a gentleman I’ve known for years who’s been kicking tires for far too long.  He could easily afford something in the $400K+ range, but always has some feeble excuse for not pulling the trigger on a home he’s fully deserving.

Having lived thru, and seen enough estate transactions, I’m all the more of an advocate for our older generation who are in possession of suitcases full of cash, to go out and get something they’ll comfortably enjoy until they take their fast dirt naps or end up in nursing homes.  There have been far too many that’ve gone to their graves, leaving behind all the more money for their families to fight over.  I’m sure if many of them could resurrect themselves for one day, they’d leave all their wealth to charities and while doing so, they’d be saying, “I should’ve spent more money on myself, along with giving to others in need instead of hoarding only for the sake of my legacy.” I’ve seen too many dumpsters filled with keepsakes, photo albums, and family heirlooms that were thrown in them by the relatives of decedents.  Many of today’s beneficiaries have no interest in keepsakes or personal items.  It may sound hard, but all more now than before, I’m finding that’s all their interested in is the cash. In spite of how many times I’ve seen it happen, it still jerks at my heart strings.

One of my listings sold today to a very industrious young couple who I’m sure in time will create all the more value to it.  Seeing how up to speed they are with their finances, I’m not worried a bit about their own sustainability. Young buyers who have their acts together like them, help to give me continued hope for our future.  I’m sure their parents had something to do with the way they perceive their futures.

There’s more to be read into the following one-liner which is another one I haven’t heard  for a very long time.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There’s not much to be said when a dog bites man, but when a man bites dog, it makes the headlines.

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