One Pint

The first thing I had on my agenda today was to go to the three combined Lutheran church Services at the band shell in East Park.  Seeing that it started raining beforehand, I looked online to see if there was any re-scheduling of it, and found none.  A little before 10:00 a.m. I drove over to East Park and found their gates closed due to the rising water levels.  I turned around and drove back to St. Paul Lutheran and found it deserted.  They must’ve moved their Services and subsequent meal to one of the other churches.  If someone should ask where I was, I’ll have to say,  “I tried.”.

I drove back to the office and spent the rest of my morning doing month-end accounting along with getting out some correspondence.  There were some e-mails that arrived over night that also needed my attention.  After getting my schedule for tomorrow laid out, I decided to head back to my little/big project which I hadn’t touched in over a month.

When I arrived there, I realized I’d been away so long that I had to get myself back in sync with what had been done, and what was left to do.  After wrapping back around it, I quietly and purposefully went back to work.  As I’ve mentioned before, whenever I become intensely focused, I loose track of time.  When looking at the clock and seeing five hours had already passed, I looked back and said to myself, “You did get quite a bit more done than you’d planned.”  After todays work, I’ll be entering a new phase of my project, because the most tedious and time consuming part is finally finished.  Yes, there’s always those little touch-ups, but for the most part, the grueling section is over.  I smiled to myself and thought, “Sometimes Mr. Chodur, me thinks you like to test your endurance skills.”

While I was working, I received a call from a relative of one of the people that were at 40 Lakeview Drive yesterday.  It looks like they may be wanting to view it again.  They are one of the couples who were showing more than a passing interest.  I hope the sun will be out the next time they look, because it’s a much better experience when seeing the sun shining on Lake Cona Toma.  As far as I’m concerned, it would be a perfect fit for them.  Nothing makes me happier than to see the right homes matching up with the right people.

As chance would have it, about a week ago I was walking down a sidewalk and noticed something shiny sticking out of the ground where a wash was created by all our heavy rains.  I stepped closer and noticed it was the neck-end of a pop bottle.  Curious me grabbed it and gave it a couple good tugs.  To my delight, I pulled out an un-broken Coca-Cola bottle likely from the 1970’s.  It was covered with mud and filled nearly to the top with dirt.  I took it back to the office and cleaned up the outside, then worked at getting the dirt out of the inside.  I soaked it overnight, and the next morning, nearly all the scum rinsed out except for a small portion towards the bottom which would require a long-handled bottle scrubber.

Looking at the bottle brought back many pleasant memories.  Where have the years gone?  Why don’t they still sell bottles like that anymore?  Aren’t we supposed to be earth-friendly?  For sure, we’ve become far too “plastic” oriented.  I personally hate drinking out of styrofoam or plastic cups and containers.  It always tastes funny to me.  I’m spoiled to the point where I don’t even like drinking bottled water if it’s in plastic.

Tonight’s photo is of that pop bottle.  Some of the lettering has either yellowed a bit or worn off.  Isn’t it a hoot!  Now you remember the bottles would say, “16 oz./1 pint”.  I never did understand why they put both measurements on those bottles.  Hey!  Are you thirsty for a bottle of Coke?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  If you find a bottle without a message, it’s likely your turn to write.

Joe Chodur

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