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It looks like we’re getting pounded again with the storms.  The first one that came thru was almost as bad as the last big one we had when seeing the sheets of rain coming down.  I don’t know about anywhere else, but we did also get some hail in the Downtown. As I was driving home from Fertile late yesterday afternoon, I noticed all the many more acres of crops that were dead due to being under water too long.  It would be interesting to see from an ariel how many acres of production were lost in our northern Counties.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there are far more than estimated.

I’d say today was another repeat of these recent ones.  With my scheduled appointments and other necessary jobs, I’d say there wasn’t even five minutes to be had between them.  I’m still working on getting several offers put together, and hopefully they will all come to an agreement.

When looking at the recent sales statistics of our MLS, I’d say there are a whole lot of people buying big ticket properties–especially acreages.  Not wanting to sound like a financial doomsday person, I must say there’ve been acreages that’ve sold recently which  make me think those buyers are already upside-down with their mortgages the day they closed on them.  I’m not the only one in our profession that is of the same belief.  I’ve recently seen acreages go for well over $400K, which is craziness.

On the flip-side, I have 801 W. Main in Fertile listed for under $200K which has 1.6 acres, a beautiful 4+ bedroom 2 bath home, a fabulous $50K building that has a multi-purpose use, and above all, it is hooked up to city sewer and water.  Now that sounds more like it don’t you think?  There’s no doubt in my mind it will maintain its value for years to come because it’s in an affordable price range.

My public open house at 40 Lakeview Drive today was a fabulous success!  I had over 19 couples go through it before the cloudburst started.  There was even one gentleman who braved the rain to stop by and have a look before it was closing time.  There were several couples in attendance who definitely seemed interested and I hope to be getting calls from them to see it again.  I would say that’s the most I’ve had at a public open for quite some time.  I think it being situated on lakeshore had something to do with it.  As has been said for many years, humans have a primitive attraction to natural bodies of water.

I had a very nice visit with a dear friend/client today who always makes me smile whenever we’re around each other.  I think what “clicks” between us is that we both have traveled similar paths in our lives.  Relationships grow much deeper and stronger when there are similar life experiences that have taken place to where they “get it” when talking about things happening in today’s world.

Someone chided me several days ago when I voiced my concern over something that had happened to a structure owned by another.  What stunned me, was that person saying something like, “Why should you care?  It’s not happening to you!”  It shocked me to the point I was left speechless.  Thinking something like that is bad enough, but to say it, puts it out into the universe forever.  I think we have enough un-caring people in the world without being out there verbally promoting it.  Like I keep saying, “It should never be all about me, but rather more about we.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.

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