Unbound Goodness

I didn’t even look to see how much rain we received last night, but there was enough to create larger puddles out in the fields. While driving on the edge of town today, I noticed areas of corn damping off due to their roots being saturated with water.  There’ll be some dead patches of corn if our high water tables don’t go down soon.  I had a short visit with one of my colleagues this morning and discovered he’s been having hellacious months similar to mine since our first snowfall, and likewise, the bulk of his problems have been weather related.

Later this morning, when chatting with a Clear Lake resident, I was shocked to hear about all the damage that had been done to his home from those high winds on the 28th of May.  After hearing his story, I felt all the more fortunate for not having the extent of his.  The tree surgeons are making out like bandits this year with all the broken limbs and fallen trees.  And to think some of those near historic oldies have weathered storms well over 100 years, but that 28th day of May must have been the grand-daddy of all storms.  I was told the winds were clocked at 70+ miles per hour, but I think the gusts were stronger than that.  After these recent storms, it looks like North Iowa’s landscapes will have been permanently changed.

One of my appointments today was with the sellers of 801 W. Main in Fertile.  They’ve decided to do a drastic price reduction on it to where it is now $198,500.  The only change made, is not including an approximate 1 acre parcel which adjoins their land which they’d be willing to sell separately for an additional price, but keep in mind, there’s still 1.6 acres that go with their home.  I’ve seen acreages that have one acre or less selling for more, which makes this in-town acreage a great buy.  Keep in mind, Clear Lake is less than 10 miles away and it’s a straight shot on hard surface roads.  Since we’ve had two buyers on it in the past that have fallen thru, I’d say the third time is going to be a charm.  The monster building which goes with it, would be nearly anyone’s  dream workshop, so spread the word.

While on my way to purchase a sympathy card, I ran into an old friend whom I haven’t had a good chat with for well over a month.  I was glad to hear all was going well in her life, and continue to hope things continue to get better.  Since we’ve known each other for many years, we speak quite freely without having to weigh words which I find refreshing.

After going over sale files that are scheduled to close the end of this week, I walked over to the funeral home to pay my last respects to a dear client/friend who passed away a few days ago.  The last time I visited with her was about three months ago in the nursing home.  She knew who I was and managed to have a nice little chat between appointments.  Her sister told me today that she started going downhill fast during her remaining 30 days.

I’m so glad to have had such dear lady touch my life with her unbound goodness.  She wasn’t far off from being 99 years, but if you looked at her, you’d swear she was twenty years younger.  Every time I was in her home, I was near ready to ask where she stored her janitor in a drum.  I’ve never seen a woman of her age take exceptionally good care of such a large home as she did.  She’d put most of us “youngsters” to shame with her cleaning skills.  I will remember her always–especially her genuine kindness.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Once you finally have all the answers to life’s questions, they’re suddenly, and most mysteriously changed.

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