Peaceful Lake Cona Toma

I took part of today off so to get some personal chores done, and glad I did because waiting until the last minute to get time sensitive jobs finished, is not my cup of tea.  I was reminded again how Realtors, no matter where they are, or what they may be doing, are always a text or cell phone call away.  I wasn’t surprised by the number of texts and calls I received the three hours I was away from my office.

My curiosity got the best of me early this morning when remembering a gentleman I showed several acreages to about a year ago who was visiting here from out of State.  Never having met him before I showed up at the first acreage, I was a little on edge with him due to his overbearing nature.  He just seemed a bit different along with seeming to be an expert on everything except remembering which acreage we were to meet at first which created all the more needless running around.

After showing him the second acreage, I was eager to part company and chalk it all off as a waste of a Saturday morning.  For being likely no more than 35, I’d say he must’ve managed to pull a few strings to get our Government to give according to him, a permanent disability check every month.  Now please don’t get me wrong because I’d be the first to issue someone worthy of a monthly check the rest of his or her life, but only if it was truly warranted.  The way he was bouncing around those acreages, I’d say he must’ve miraculously recovered but forgot to tell the Government.  After my deep digging this morning, I found he did purchase something in North Iowa.

After seeing what he purchased, I was reminded of a conversation with a colleague some months ago about the rampant abuse that goes on with Government funds which in the end, you and I are supplying.  We’re seeing far too many who are perfectly capable of work, doing a whole lot of nothing, or even worse, getting themselves into trouble due to all the free time they have on their hands.  As my grandmother used to say, “Idle hands and minds are workshops of the Devil.”  I’ll continue to stand by my personal belief of being a person who is fiscally conservative, yet socially progressive.

Don’t you think it’s time to start pushing people off that wagon load of people that’s been growing in numbers, while all the fewer of us are left to pull it? I can visualize un-strapping myself from my “harness”, walking back to that wagon and saying, “Now you get you A double ess’s down off that wagon and for once in your lives, help pull it!”

By the way, be sure to check online for this weekend’s open houses.  I’ll be hosting one on Saturday, along with the condos at Prairie Place on 1st on Sunday, while my agent Brandon Neve will be hosting the ranch he has listed at 1147 Manor Drive on Sunday as well.

My late afternoon appointment took me to my listing at 40 Lakeview Drive.  I purposely arrived early enough to go out back and snap the above photo of Lake Cona Toma.  Living in that home and having the opportunity to be at lakeshore any time I’d want, would be like a heaven on earth.  There was a couple out there in a paddle boat slowing making their way round the lake.  In Mason City and North Iowa, there’s very little waterfront available which stands to reason why their prices have continued to go up over the years.   While seated out on the dock of peaceful Lake Cona Toma, I couldn’t help but notice every nuance of Nature’s wholeness.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Wheels that squeak all the more, are likely to get changed instead of greased.

Joe Chodur

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