Falling Down

With my suddenly being in need of a water heater today, I discovered our City’s merchants are still without them.  The aftermath of our past two storms is reminding me all the more of what took place after The Flood of 2008.  I’m seeing more driveways covered with wet carpets and rugs from basements that took in water.  Someone mentioned today that he’s re-thinking the idea of buying a home with a basement considering all the problems people have been having.  I personally would still opt for a basement because I absolutely DO NOT like slab on grade homes.

One of my dear old family members lived in a home with concrete floors, and wouldn’t you know it, she had all the more hip and knee problems from there being not even the slightest “bounce” in the floors she was walking on.  And then there’s the added liability created whenever falling on concrete floors.  Again, there’s no “bounce”, and when you’re older, your bones are not as flexible as they were when young.  I’m now wondering if the major insurance companies have comparative statistics on the health and welfare of those living on concrete versus wooden joisted floors.  They likely know those answers but aren’t willing to share for fear of a black-lash from homebuilders.

It was another busy day today with desk work, contract negotiations, and walk-ins.  I decided to have the condominium units at Prairie Place on 1st open this Sunday, which is Father’s Day, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  Yes, they’re still selling, but impatient me, would like to see them all sold yesterday.  As chance would have it, I ran into the daughter of one of the unit owners at the Post Office this morning.  She couldn’t say enough positive things about her mother’s living arrangements.  She even went on to say that if her mother didn’t have enough to pay for it at the time, she and her siblings would’ve contributed towards the purchase of it.  Now that’s what I call loving and giving back children.  Most children of the elderly can’t wait for their inheritances to the point they’re writing notes to executors saying, “Where’s my check?”, or “Check please!”.  Oh well, it’s all a by-product of living in a consumer-oriented world, and I’m afraid it’s getting worse.

For the strangest reason, my office phone bill which I sat down and paid today, didn’t have the mailing address that was supposed to show in their “windowed” return envelope.  Of course nowhere else on the statement did it give the address where it was to be mailed, so I was forced to call the company.  I spent well over an hour on the phone with two different people after being cut off while being transferred to another department and then having to go thru all those idiotic stages of connecting with a real person.  Thank goodness the second person I spoke with understood my problem after having received other calls from customers.  After I got off the phone and thinking about it all the more, I’d say their company has likely been hacked and now creating computer glitches.  Since I now have their “real” mailing address, I’ll check to see what remittance address if any, is on my next bill.

It sounds like we’re supposed to be getting rain again starting in the early morning hours.  I just hope it’s not going to be another continuation of last week’s.  I’m sure our farmers are fit to be tied over all this rain.

Tonight’s one-liner is:   Failure is not falling down, but rather the not getting up again.

Joe Chodur

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