Begging for a Bulldozer

Upon hearing we’re supposed to be getting more rain these next days, I’ve grown all the more concerned about many of our City’s homeowners.  There’ve been all the more unfortunate stories told about people getting water in their basements who’ve never had it all the years they’ve lived in them.  A client of mine who’s also getting seepage, told me there’re no wet/dry vacs to be purchased in our area.  We all must keep our chins up and get thru it because there’s nothing we can do about the weather.

While out showing homes today, I asked the buyer who’s from about an hour’s drive from here if he’s been getting rain like we have.  His answer was, “Not even close.”  I then jokingly said,  “After both Clear Lake and Mason City having been pounded three times in less than two weeks, I’d say Mother Nature is punishing a given individual, or our two communities as a whole for something we have, or haven’t done.”  If that’s the case, I’d say it’s the growing hatred, selfishness, greed, and jealousy that could be triggering the modes of punishment.

One of my clients stopped by today to have a chat regarding the sale of his home.  The more I’m getting to know him, the more I’m convinced he’s a very conscientious person who goes out of his way for others–especially those in need.  I couldn’t help but tease him a bit regarding his loving and giving ways.  I said, “I used to be more like you for a number of years until I realized that there are those who intentionally use others for their own selfish reasons, which is why I’m now more careful about freely helping people because I’ve found that freely helping others with no hidden agendas, creates undercurrents for those being helped by their belief I’m doing it with ulterior motives in mind.”  After he left, I was hoping he wasn’t thinking me to be a selfish person after hearing what I said.

Just these past several years I’ve learned my lesson the a hard way, when finding people I’ve known for a very long time suddenly turning on me for not doing what “they” wanted me to do, and then all of a sudden any and all things I’d done for them in the past is forgotten.  What the most troubling of it all, is that it was yours truly helping them, rather than them helping me, which left me to understand that there are those we do for who use us for their own personal gain without any regard for the ones giving.  It sounds almost parasitic doesn’t it?

We just received a substantial price reduction on 1137 Manor Drive today.  It’s now down to the bargain price of $155,900.  What a great home for the money!  Knowing its competition, I’d say it’s light years ahead in value.  Don’t hesitate to spread the word.

One of my showings today took me to a HUD foreclosure.  Oh my goodness!  What a horrible mess the previous owners made in that house.  I told the buyers, “Even animals don’t live out in the wild like this!”  The smells were OVERWHELMING!  Thank goodness it must’ve gone thru the winter without heat, because I was afraid of getting fleas on me again.  The oak floors that were visible were so saturated with urine stains that they’d have to be ripped out and new flooring installed.  Another agent arrived just as I was leaving and I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face after getting a whiff of what was inside.  Good luck to whomever has the stomach for cleaning and repairing that pig stye. It’s one of those rare homes that I believe is silently begging for a bulldozer to put it out of its misery.

Tonight’s one-liner is: In our times, I’m finding the word “No” to be politically incorrect.

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