The Sharpest Hooks

With having a few appointments and errands to run today, I was shocked to find all the more limbs and trees down from yesterday’s wind.   I’ve pretty much concluded the  hellacious storm we had on the 28th of May which took down many of our trees and big limbs, and also weakened many of the remaining to the point where any significant winds from that day forward would finish them off.  The injuries our trees sustained by that storm can, and likely will be bringing down all that many more well into the future.

It’s pretty much the same in the animal kingdom where if there’s a bone injury, the effects are not only lasting, but also causes that limb to be all the more prone to having another. Even if you fall and crack a bone, it’s felt for many months on end, and I’m not so sure they heal to the point where they’re just as good as they were before the crack or fracture took place.

Another problem that arises from the aftermath of a great storm, is that if enough trees are downed in say a grove or even trees growing together in a straight line, the remaining trees will be left without the windbreak and support of the ones they’d been growing alongside.  Trees up here in the Northern Prairies grow in a fashion so to brace themselves against whatever direction the wind normally blows hardest.  This is why straight-line winds out of another direction will top-off trees like matchsticks.  I was out driving in Eastern Iowa several years ago during the winter and just happened to notice huge stretches of trees that had been topped off by a straight-liner.  It was quite the interesting sight once I recognized it.

I still haven’t received a call back from the tenant at 1104 – 16th St. NE, so I guess I’ll be making a call tomorrow to the executor as well as the attorney.  I’ll never understand why some people make a point of being difficult with others.  I’ve known many over the years, and have learned to do my job as quickly as possible, and then distance myself from them going forward.  Whenever in combative business or personal relationships, it’s best to get in and out as quickly as possible.

While doing a few chores around the office today, I happened to notice a silver Prius parked near a dumpster down towards the end of the back alley.  When seeing an older man get out, I focused on him all the more and realized he’s the one who digs thru all the dumpsters very early in the morning, and then again after hours.  I’d questioned his purpose years ago because he always rides a relatively expensive bike, has a biking helmet on, and one of those long-handled grabbers.

What really irritates me about him, is that when he’s digging thru garbage bags when the wind is blowing, he doesn’t give a hoot about how much other lightweight stuff from the bags he opens that goes flying out onto the alleyway and down the block.  What I believe brought him back later this morning in his silver Prius, was that someone must’ve thrown a number of beer or liquor bottles in that dumpster which were more than he could carry on his bike.  He must’ve piled at least 30 bottles in the back hatch of his precious Prius.  And to think he’s likely in his late sixties or early seventies and certainly has money, but there he is twice a day dumpster-diving for five cent bottles and cans.  Would someone please tell him to get a life?

You’d think an elder-gent who’s supposed to be enjoying his golden years,  get’s some sort of jollies out of riding up and down alleyways and sometimes diving even head-first into refuse containers being rented by businesses, along with causing all the more paper and plastic to go flying about.  I hope the day never comes where he and I cross paths, because I will freely scold him for thoughtlessly dirtying the streets and alleys of our Historic Downtown. Shame on him.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Gift-bearers and fishing poles always have the sharpest hooks.

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    I saw this guy on his bike today. I noticed him because of the grabber he had with him. Maybe he just needs a buddy to hang out with, you could be friends!