Squirrel Chambers

Are you all bracing yourselves for the 90+ degree temperatures that are supposed to be hovering over us this weekend?  If the wind continues blowing, I don’t think it’ll be so bad, but if it’s calm, the humidity’s going to be high and we will be suffering all the more.  If you’re going to be out in that sun and heat during Band Festival, make sure to wear a sunscreen, because coming out of winter, our skin has not yet grown used to  our sun’s rays.

This morning I spent several hours at a prospective client’s home.  I was given the grand tour of a very well built and meticulously maintained home which I believe will sell more sooner than later when listed.  It’s has all the many more extras that normally aren’t found on a regular basis.  From the moment I walked in, I could tell its layout was carefully designed by the owners.  I’m convinced there’d likely be no prospective buyers turning up their noses because I couldn’t find even one flaw in its design and appeal.  The exterior’s landscaping is comparable to what you’d fine in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It was a real treat for me to be given the opportunity to see it, and hopefully in the near future, I’ll be called to get it listed for sale.

If any of you are having family get-togethers this weekend, please don’t forget to mention the condominium units still available at Prairie Place on 1st.  They’re selling, but I’d like to have the remaining sold before summer’s end.  We just about had another one sold, but there happened to be an intervening circumstance that couldn’t be overcome by that buyer.  It made me sad because I could see that person being yet another “good fit” in that complex.

I had to laugh this afternoon at a businessman from down the block begging me to give him one of my jade plants.  They really are attractive in the front window of my office, and evidently for the pedestrians walking past, because there are many who stop and admire them.  For the strangest reason, those two jade plants really like where they’re placed.  I think they get just the right amount of light to promote their growth.

I’m still wishing someone who’s moving out to California or down to Florida would take the avocado tree in my front window that’s begging to be planted outside.  If I’m not mistaken, that tree is at least 15 years old.  Give it a year after being planted outside where it belongs, and I’ll wager there’ll be avocados on it.  So please, if you know anyone who has a moving truck headed in either one of those directions, I’d be glad to give it to them as gift from Holtz Realty.

I stopped over to where one of those monster trees I ordered to be cut down, and when pulling up, I was shocked to find all the hollowed out areas of those big branches. The tree expert said it was hollow almost all the way down to the ground.  He laughed while saying, “There was a whole lot of squirrel relocating services going on as I was sawing those big limbs off.”

I knew there were squirrel nests in it because the holes they’d chewed were visible from the ground, but when I saw all the chambers they’d created over the years, created a frightening visual while seeing in my mind a straight-line wind catching that tree just right, and doing some major damage to a house while falling.  I’m personally thankful I made the judgement call to have it removed.  The above photo is only a few of those many squirrel chambers created in that ancient Basswood/Linden.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We’re all guileless in our dreams.

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