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My pre-planned work outdoors today was greatly curtailed by the light intermittent rain we were getting.  I heard this morning, that some relatives of a client of mine are getting very concerned about getting their crops planted in an area which recently received more rain that we did.  When I heard they have 800+ acres to plant so far, I just about reeled when knowing, that’s a whole lot of ground to get planted in so few days remaining.

My first little job today was to play the organ and piano for St. Paul Lutheran Church’s Mother’s Day Service. Not to be patting myself on the back, but I’d say my playing today was to the point where from now on, I can step into that job without much hesitation or anxiety.  Their vintage Wicks pipe organ which happens to be much older than the church containing it, is quite the persnickety old girl. After much trial and error, I finally got her settings figured out to where she actually sings quite nicely while being played.  One of their members commented today how good the music was this morning which confirmed my belief that I’ve finally found a comfort level with my new elder-friend.

Late this morning, I decided to go over to The Good Shepherd for their Sunday dinner.  I hadn’t been there since I was going with my now deceased mother from time to time.  Just as I was walking in, I ran into a past client of mine who asked what I was doing there, and after telling her, she insisted I join them for dinner.  She’s one of my favorite story-tellers so I didn’t hesitate a moment to join them.

Since we were late getting upstairs, nearly everyone was seated and busy eating and talking.  I did notice their menu had changed a bit since I was there last.  In the past, I would normally load my plate up with salad, a piece of meat, and a spoon of this or that.  But today, there was no salad, and nothing else green, but peas.  Without there being salad, I took a couple scoops of their macaroni as a substitute.  Their chicken is always good, which is what most of their patrons rave about.

Between the food, my company at the table, and the stories being told, I’d say I had a pretty good luncheon.  As always, whenever in such large crowds, we see people standing or seated who conjure up past memories which are nearly always good, but once in a great while, they can be downright ugly.  Off in a distant corner, I did happen to see one whom I wish I hadn’t.  Thank goodness the company at my table kept my thoughts busy with their delightful recollections of the way life was with their farm families generations ago.

With about four hours to kill after that filling meal, I went back to my office, changed my clothes, and drove off to my little/big project.  The task I assigned myself today was to strip two rooms of wallpaper borders which a naughty monkey decided to hang without permission.  Thinking I’d get both rooms finished in those four hours, I soon discovered getting but one room finished, to be a daunting task.

That paper hanger must not’ve had the brains she was born with when discovering she hung that disgusting border first, and then painted the walls. Urgh!  Getting the edges of that paper loosened from the over-brushing of paint created double the work for me, and all the while, I continued to wonder why in the world people exhibit such bad taste by pasting that crap on their walls.  Most mustn’t realize that you can change a mood or “texture” of a room all the many more ways without bordering it with paper.

I’ll not forget one of my clever customers teasing me some years ago about a wallpaper border in the kitchen of a home she was interested in buying.  Numerous times she’d say, “I’ll buy this house if you come over and remove this wallpaper border for me.”  My comical answer was always, “While remembering all the wallpaper I’ve removed over the years, I’d say I’ve done more than my time in my self-imposed wallpaper prisons.”  They did finally buy the home, and yours truly got out of helping them remove their  ugly kitchen border.

My so very true one-liner tonight is:  Sloppy thinking does get worse over time.

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